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4-2-4 Cleansing Method

I kept reading about double cleansing and the 4-2-4 method, so I decided I’d give it a shot. I’ve been double cleansing for months and I’ve found it pretty effective. My skin looks a lot better than it used to (sorry, no pics!).

I started the 4-2-4 method about two and a half weeks ago. Basically, you massage your face with an oil for 4 minutes, lather soap on top of that for 2 minutes, and then rinse for another 4 minutes. Air dry after. Simple, right?

Originally I was using coconut oil for the first step, but I switched over to Lancôme’s cream-to-oil cleanser when I went home for the holidays. I used this with their cream-to-foam cleanser for step 2.

It took a few days until I really seeing the effects and then I really saw them. My face broke out pretty bad around my mouth, chin, and nose. At this point, I was starting to feel like I was wasting too much water with step 3, so I switched it up and did the following: rinsed face with water for about a minute or so until the soap was gone, iced my face with an ice cube until it melted, and then air dried.

Honestly, it takes about as long to ice my face as it did to wash off the soap/oil, so I feel like it isn’t much of a difference since my skin is constantly wet with either method. I like icing, though, because it helps reduce inflammations and makes my skin glowy afterward.

My skin started looking a bit better around the holidays (just a little over a week in), but didn’t really look better until the beginning of this week. Of course, I also have been slacking the past couple of days, so I unfortunately have some new breakouts.

However, I would give this cleansing method a thumbs up. I feel like it actually worked to get some of the dirt out of my pores. I will definitely keep trying this and see the effects of sticking with it for a longer amount of time. I’m hoping that means smaller pores and clearer skin in my future.

Have you tried the 4-2-4 cleansing method before? Any other methods you like and want to share? Comment below!


Black Friday and It’s Terror on Wallets

It continues. Another year passes and, once again, Black Friday has claimed millions of dollars. Our wallets lay flat and lifeless in our pockets, while we are weighed down by the many items we have purchased. Is that crack the sound of my back breaking?

Okay, but more seriously, I really am feeling the dent in my bank account from just last night’s adventures – and that was all before 9 PM on Thursday. This is my first year seriously doing Black Friday and I’m wondering the consequences of my decisions.

I won’t complain – despite the long lines, I got some pretty useful items for my kitchen, hair products that I’ve been meaning to get for many a month, and a five-foot teddy bear I’ve wanted for years that I have absolutely no regrets getting. He was only $20, guys. He was worth it.


Isn’t he just adorable?! I’ve been wanting one since we had to put our Korean Jindo down a few years ago. His name was Beau, but we’d call him Beau Bear. Thus, began my search for the perfect bear to name Beau. He’ll watch over me along with my giant stuffed giraffe, Aerrow, named after my dog that we had to put down ahead of Beau. 

Today begins round two. My mother and I ventured out to Walmart, Ulta (dangerous and beautiful territory), and Target last night. Our target today? Definitely the mall.

I’m excited to see what other deals are going on – especially for some of the sports bras at Victoria’s Secrets – but I cringe at the thought of spending more money. I still have to do Christmas shopping for friends and family. Can I just win the lottery now?

Have you done any Black Friday shopping this year, readers? What are your favorite deals? Please share and comment below. We’d love to hear!

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People Will Stare

people will strae.jpg

I posted this quote on my Instagram earlier this week and I just wanted to give it some extra attention just because it speaks to me so much. I feel that it holds truth no matter where you are at – school, business, fashion, book club, etc.

People are going to stare. Maybe not stare in the literal sense. But they will look at you and they will judge you.

Daunting words, I know, but unfortunately this is the way that our world has become.

Are you kind enough? Bold enough? Wearing nice clothes? A leader? Do you fit the societal standards that have been placed upon all of us?

There are several ways to respond to this. You can either relinquish a piece of yourself or you can be unabashed, stand tall, and make it worth their while.

If someone is going to stare, give them a reason to. Be proud of who you are. Show off your fun style, your confident and unique personality, and just be you. You are beautiful and the world deserves to know that.

So, dear readers, what I want you to take away from my blog post today is this: Go out into the world and show them all what makes you so great. And when the end of the day comes and they’re still staring, ask them this – Like what you see?

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Happy Halloween!


Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo ’16 and I am psyched for it to arrive. The above costume is a character that I’m going to add into my novel and on the way into work this morning (all 50 minutes of the drive), I came up with a tragic backstory and novel idea for this mischievous sorceress. Don’t mess with her. You won’t like the results.

Her name is Evelyn, but she likes to go by Evie. She’s not a main character in my NaNo. I’m just incorporating her into it for now. She’ll also appear in another story that I plan to write after this month. The exciting part for her comes after, where the main characters of the first two stories go on a journey and end up realizing that she is the person they are trying to find.

Thankfully, she likes them.

Aside from the fun character inspirations, today was a lot of fun! Several of my coworkers dressed up for Halloween and we had a costume contest. I tied for first (even though I was kind of in charge of counting votes, HR did it with me so it was not rigged!).

While I wish I could have gone out to some celebratory parties downtown for the night, it’s been fun staying in and just relaxing. The cleaning I told myself was going to happen was strangely absent (or not).

How about you, dear reader? Feel free to share your Halloween day stories and let us know what your costume was!

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A Tight Budget

I have been a little loose with my money in recent times. Thinking about my bank account now, I cringe in pain. While good decisions at the time, I didn’t think about the aftereffects of my actions.

Thus being said, I’m going to have to focus on not buying things.


The shock of it all.

Honestly, though, I really do not need to be spending any money. I am also going to get my part-time back and focus on earning money when any opportunity comes my way. With a potential European trip in the future, I need to be saving and not spending.

I swear, that is going to become my mantra starting tomorrow: saving, not spending.



Any tips, dear readers, on ways to save money or earn quick cash (legally)? Have you found yourself in the same boat as me recently?

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Exercise Fever

Day 2 of my exercise fever: includes pain, sweat, and agony. Topped off with a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Okay, so maybe my workout isn’t that extreme. But this beginner is definitely in pain from the few things I’ve done. Where I lack muscles now, I’ll soon have some to protect my weak bones.

I’ve been starting off my exercise time with about 30-60 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve been a little cautious going to fast on this, mostly because of my weak knees. In my experience, overdoing it can cause immense pain for a few days and nobody likes that. However, I think I’ll steadily build myself up to running longer and longer (got two minutes in today!).

After throwing a few arm lifts and leg presses into the mix, I head back to my apartment for about 15-20 minutes of ab exercises (thanks Youtube). As I said before, it’s not a lot but it’s been fairly effective these couple of days that I’ve been doing them.

Either that or I’m the weakest human on the planet.

It’s been pretty exciting exercising and feeling like I’ve accomplished something afterward. It also helps that I have a few motivators to push me through. I’m talking to you, flab of tummy and bridesmaid dress that barely zips up. And maybe even you the 10 pounds that appeared out of nowhere.

I’m hoping working towards a flat stomach and strengthening my body overall will help me in the long run.

More news to come as I’ve pursued these endeavors a little longer. Until then, feel free to share any exercise routines you’ve found particularly helpful. I’d love to give them a try!

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Summer Cleaning

It’s time to get things straightened out and nice. I’m doing some DEEP cleaning and tossing a lot of things out (hopefully). My apartment is a bit too crowded and I need to free up some space…

Also time to clean up my life a bit. I’ve quit my part-time job (a bittersweet moment) and have weekends free again. I’m thinking exercise and time at the park and outside and reading books and writing books and doing fun things. Maybe getting a tan. Starting a fashion blog.

We’ll see where it goes.

The point is, it’s time to make some changes. To do better. Be better. Actually follow through with goals.

I’ve gotten some bad family-related news lately and I need to do better to make things better for others. To be someone to be proud of and that can be helpful in multiple ways. I’m on my way there. Things will get better.

Any summer cleaning for you, dear readers?

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The Big Clean

It’s official, dear readers. I’m currently obsessed with social media.

The one good thing I can say for me is that it’s really causing me to clean up and reevaluate myself. What do I need? What do I not need?

Unfortunately, my hoarding habits don’t die easily. I have definitely made some progress in organizing everything and making it neater. My next goals are to create a “backdrop” for videos – make a pretty background that I change on a weekly basis. I have a friend coming over tomorrow and she’s going to help me in brainstorming that.

After that is to organize my closet – and I’ll be honest, it needs a LOT of organizing. My closet is overflowing. This is both a good and a bad thing. I have cute clothes and accessories, but not enough storage for them. Oops.


Please note I also have a wardrobe in my actual bedroom. One of the things I need to do is organize my dresses and find a place for my fancy hats… 

When I make more money, I’ll move into an apartment with a bigger closet (future husband, I hope you don’t own much). 

So, thank you current obsession, for helping me do what I should have done when I moved in to this apartment half a year ago. Maybe I’ll be able to present it for a one year rentaversary in August.

Any of you have the sudden urge to clean everything out recently? Do you have any organizational tips, dear readers? Feel free to share or comment below!

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Becoming Queen


I am a Queen.

No, not true-blue royalty. As amazing as that would be, I’m talking purely about my life and the owner of it.

Every decision I make affects my entire life. That’s a lot of responsibility.


So, in order to act like the Queen I am and bring a bit more meaning to my life, I have some changes that I feel I need to work towards. There’s a lot and it’s going to take a while, but I think I’ll be able to get it done.

So expect some changes. This blog will be a bit different. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I’m really going to be working toward my goals.

What are they? Glad you asked.

  • Fashion: As my adventure card reading stated on New Year’s, 2016 is when I’m going to focus on building my personal style and taking more interest in fashion overall. While it could be said that I’m recently obsessing over this because of said adventure reading (and possibly a Jane By Design marathon), this was all going to happen eventually. Working at Altar’d State part-time has really helped me grow my interest in clothing and fashion overall.
  • Writing: Be it blog, novel, short-story, fanfic – I’m going to learn how to write again. And it’s going to be awesome. Hopefully. Let me know if it’s not, so I can work on fixing it.
  • Music: This is going to be more of a challenge. After I buy my violin bow, I really want to focus on developing my skills here and one day mastering the violin. Yeah, I’ve harped on this a lot before, but I need to get this done. I can’t sit around saying I’m going to do it and be just talk.
  • Social Media: I want to go into marketing. I want to learn about marketing. And social media is kind of important. Thus, all of my beautiful social media accounts will get to see me more this year. This also includes posting more YouTube videos as a second part to my blog.

Okay, so there’s a lot more. Working on my confidence is a big must as well. Going on adventures and having fun at events in Austin. And networking. Lots of networking. I want to meet people and learn from them and become a better person because of it.

And just know that this isn’t a list that all Kings and Queens need to focus on. I just feel like it’s something that I need to work on: appearance, confidence, inner circle, and communication with the world around me.

So, that’s me and that’s where I’m heading. I’m steadily going to fill the role of Queen Brittany and rule my life accordingly, with head high and a smile on my face. We only get one life, so why not live it without regrets?

So, fellow Kings and Queens, how do you want to live your life?

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Quote Monday

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