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ZOMG First Entry!!!

on September 24, 2012

Wow, first entry of the new blog. Is someone going to comment below “First Comment!” or something crazy like that? Probably not. I doubt anyone will read this.

A blog is like a personal journal – of likes and dislikes, of dreams and wishes, of thoughts, of jealousies. Mine will have all of that, full of random adventures that make up my everyday life. And they are definitely adventures.

Of which, I am never supposed to wish you. My dear friend, Alyssa, claims that these wishes of mine bring dreadful bad luck. She’d probably tell you about an unlucky incident with the mailman after I spoken the words to her. “I wish you an adventure.” I really don’t think that it brings bad luck, just a change in the usual scheme of things. I mean, who wants the same boring routine every day of their life? Not me.

Though, I will admit, I would not like the change to be anything too drastic, too scary… Life has been crazy enough since my move to college. I lost a once friend who I never imagined would be who she turned out to be. She caused a lot of strife and worry and fear for both my room mate and I. Though, I guess we handled the situation pretty well. My room mate, or camarade de chamber, as Google states the French translation to be, is really amazing. I am glad that we have been thrown together, even though our year started off with drama neither of us would have ever wanted. Our room is broken – my key kept getting stuck in the door the week before the rest of the university world showed up, our AC broke the first week of school, our bathroom door doesn’t shut completely (and won’t lock when it isn’t slammed shut), and our floor is pink by the sink. Yet, college life has been amazing so far. Everyone is extremely nice. I’ve joined a lot of groups and clubs. My teachers are wonderful and I’m enjoying classes. I’m in Omnisingers, where I get to, duh, sing (and uh, dance, too). Career Services helped me put together my resume and is going to help me with internships. I’ve made a lot of friends. And it’s Austin. Who could not like Austin?

Seriously, though, even with the bad, the good far outnumbers any sorrows of mine. I’ve learned who my true friends are and I’ve made some new ones. My roomy and I have gotten our room problems fixed (except the pink floor, which I doubt will ever come out – I would love to see what made that happen). It feels like home, for now – until I go back to visit my family and end up realizing I miss it much much more than I let on. But for now that isn’t happening and I am here at St. Ed’s, living out my dreams and just enjoying life. And it’s cheesy and silly to say, but I can feel that this will last.

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