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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

on September 28, 2012

I attended a seminar called “Beauty and the Beast: Barbie versus the Media” today. The topic is such a brilliant one: how media and society portray beauty as this unrealistic perfection. We’ve  all become adapted to it, to that skin, tall, ethereally beautiful goddess. The only thing is, she isn’t real. There was a lot of discussion at the event talking about how much of the media is photoshopped and edited to give a look that is more visually appealing. It’s sad, actually, that society has become so attached to physical looks. I won’t lie, I love to look pretty and dress up. But a part of me can’t tell if that is because society has trained us to do so or if it is just me.

This appeal to be perfect has actually been really bad for a lot of people. It leads to depression, eating disorders, anger… It depends on how much you let it affect you, but it is hard sometimes for people to see how beautiful they are just as themselves. There’s always something that isn’t quite fitting to your “image” that you want to achieve: weight, height, nose shape, skin condition, teeth, intelligence, etc. I have a long list of things that I wish were different about me, but I have come to understand that I am okay as I have turned out to be. The only things that I need to change are a few habits, but otherwise I am a-okay. And others need to realize that too. Everyone has flaws; there’s no such things as being perfect, being without flaws. You are beautiful for being you and that is the message that society needs to spread through the media.

Here is a link to an old article below by “The Daily Beast”, but it gets this point across. “I remember in fifth grade, I was worried about my weight,” the article says. Sad that kids so young are so self-conscious of their bodies.

And this:

The fact is that this ideal image of a mutilated perfection is all around us. Everyone has been exposed and many have taken it in. But, please, don’t believe that you aren’t beautiful as you are. There is no reason to feel fat or ugly or not good enough. You are good enough. Please believe it, because I do. 🙂

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