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The Ultimate Battle: Traditional Schooling Versus Online Classes – Who Will Win?

on September 28, 2012

In today’s age and time, technology is a key factor. Everything is online now, including school. You can take your entire college education online and never step foot inside a traditional classroom. However, is this really the best thing for society’s students?

I have taken classes with course content on Blackboard and liked the experience of having the schoolwork digital. However, learning through a computer (and self-teaching yourself to do the work) does not sound like a very good way to learn for me. I am the type of person who needs that face-to-face experience, to see and hear the lecture being given. Since transferring, I have even taken the steps to talk to my professors outside of class time when I have any questions.

I am sure all of the people reading this with online experience are thinking one thing: You can do that through the computer. You can e-mail. You can view recorded lectures. You can still get a great education through online classes. I agree. You can do all of those things. It’s very possible to get a great degree through online schooling. In my opinion, however, you can get so much more in the education by having a traditional in-school education. Thy have a much better hands-on experience.

Maybe I am biased, because I have not taken any classes totally and completely online. However, I don’t think I would want to since I have completely enwrapped myself in classes on campus. I am so blessed and amazed to be at St. Edward’s University and I think any online courses would only take away from my time here.

What about you, readers? Feel free to share below your thoughts and opinions. Who wins with you in the ultimate battle: traditional schooling versus online schooling?

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