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Fishie Sadness

on October 6, 2012

My roommate, our friend, and I went to PetCo today because my roomie really wanted a fish. Well, the end result at PetCo ended up being two Betta fish with a container that has a divider. It specifically shows that two male Bettas can live in it. Though, our fish are babies and we couldn’t tell if they were guys or gals.

Anyway, we set it up when we get back. It took about thirty minutes to set up and then we left for three hours.

Guess what we come back to?

One fish is dead.


The other was dying.

We knew it was inevitable. The other was going to die soon. So, we went on a round around the dormitory with our RA (resident assistant). When we came back, the other was dead.

No more fishies.

PetCo has a 30-day return policy, though. So tomorrow we are going back and my roommate is going to get her money back. Then we are going elsewhere and going to get an adult Betta that won’t die.

The moral of the story? Keep a close eye on your fishies. Love them. And to all the Betta fish owners out there, you are awesome. To all pet owners, go you! Keep it up. 🙂

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