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Adventures in a Far Away Place

on October 23, 2012

I have had three classes between yesterday and today where someone has come in and spoken about studying abroad. It sounds so beautiful and wonderful – like an amazing adventure that all college students should yearn to take. Going to class in France, bicycling to the university, immersing myself in the culture of this other land… It’s beautiful, indeed, but it’s not something that is possible for me.

In order for me to graduate from St. Edward’s on time (May 2014 is my objective), I will need to take full course loads each semester until I graduate. I will have to take a class over the summer. Studying abroad is outside my budget limit (I can hardly afford going to St. Edward’s). However, there are still two chances I have to get the opportunity to go abroad. The School of Business and Management offers two courses that have components that allow you to study abroad. The thought of being able to participate in such a class is thrilling.

However, it does cost extra to take these classes. The one that I want to take next semester is traveling to Japan. It would be such a wonderful experience and I would be so honored to be chosen to participate. I have to write a short essay to apply and then if I am selected I will have to pay $1,500 extra for the course. My parents are not too happy about having to pay extra, especially when my school is so expensive to begin with. Half of me has already accepted the fact that I will probably not be able to take the class (I mean, what are the chances of me being actually selected to take the class and then of having the money ready for next semester?) yet half of me will be completely heartbroken if I do not take this chance. I really, really want to go… And it’s not just because it is Japan. It is because the experience would be so life-changing and I know that I would be able to use it for future events and business decisions.

I will send my essay this week to the person in charge. I really do hope I am chosen. But, a part of me hopes that I am not, so I won’t have to be heartbroken after I have been told “Yes.” I guess we’ll see how it turns out. Whatever it is, I am sure it is for the best.

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