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Christmas Joy Meets a Writer’s Mind

on December 27, 2012

This Christmas was really great. I got a lot of fun things from my parents – a Snuggie (which is a giant Elmo face!), a Hello Kitty hat, headphones, candy, and more. However, there was a point after present-giving and getting that I retired to the couch in some of my Christmas wear. I donned my Elmo Snuggie and my Hello Kitty hats over my new headphones. Sitting down, I turned my music on and began to read a book. When I stood up and went to my room later on, I caught a glimpse of myself in my mirror. My Snuggie looked like a giant wizard’s rope on me and my hat… well, it looked like a furry hat. And the thoughts that went through my mind?

1. If someone showed up to kidnap me and whisk me away to an adventure, they wouldn’t think I was the person they were actually looking for. I am wearing Elmo and a Hello Kitty fuzzy hat! And just imagine trying to be an adventurer in this outfit…

2. If I was a wizard, nobody would ever be able to take me seriously in this outfit.

3. I will totally walk around my residence hall in this when I get back to school.

The mind of a writer is a little bit strange, I must admit. As you can see, two of my thoughts were completely fantasy. Though, I would love to go on an adventure. I would definitely commit to one if it came. But that isn’t the point right now. The point is – though you may not consider it one at all – that a writer’s mind enjoys Christmas. It definitely does.

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