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The Perks of Being a University Student… and the Non-Perks

on February 11, 2013


St. Edward’s University is probably – no, it is the best thing that has happened to me. There is no probably. People always tell you that college will be the best part of your life, that you need to move off to a university and partake in the wonderful experiences that it will throw your way. You might just shrug it off at first. I mean, life is pretty good right now.

And that’s true. But it gets better – and that is something that is pretty wow. 

I can’t not say enough how wonderful transferring to St. Edward’s has been to me. I’ve gone through a lot of life-changing experiences: learning about friendship (which involves losing old friends and making new ones that I’ll keep for life), being involved in an awesome class assignment that involves a consulting project, finishing a NaNoWriMo in about 20 days, learning to live away from my family, being involved with organizations I didn’t have the time before, getting the chance to have an internship, and so so much more. The opportunities and experiences are endless.

So, I hope you can understand when I say that I am nervous for next year. I really want to continue attending the university, but there is the issue of scholarships and financial aide for next year. It’s a wonderful wonderful school, but it is college and it is a private school at that. It equals up to maximum expenses and big loans (and even bigger debt). Paying a lot of money is expected, but I really would like to minimize expenses – or figure out how to suddenly get rich all of a sudden. I’ve been applying for scholarships, but no luck yet.

For those of you interested in scholarships, look at as many places as you can. They are all over the place… just a little difficult to obtain, though. Definitely check with your school for scholarships you can apply for through them. Other opportunities may include: military scholarships, Frame My Future Scholarship (deadline is March 5, people!), federal grants, Duct-Tape Prom (for you high school seniors out there), the Dr. Pepper Tuition contest (though, this has passed… Keep an eye out for it later on this year!), and way more. Like I said, look around. A site I’ve found extremely helpful is – they even offer some of their own scholarship contests.

If you have any advice for me on scholarships (or for others as well!) please comment below and share. I (and everyone else) will really appreciate you. I’ll even give you a virtual hug! Or, if you just want to comment on how amazing college is, that works too. I’d love to gush and ooh and ahh over your experiences! 🙂

6 responses to “The Perks of Being a University Student… and the Non-Perks

  1. thefroglyprince says:

    I barely scraped together enough money for my last year at university so I feel your pain. I miss it so much. The real world is less fun. 😛

    • Yeah, attending university is definitely expensive. Well worth it, though.

      I’m a little nervous about the real world. lol

      • thefroglyprince says:

        I miss the “free” stuff I got in college. haha The stuff they gave you for free if you ignore the fact you paid a ton to go there. 😛

      • The free things are definitely perks! lol I think we all deserve a few free things since, like you said, we are paying a ton!

      • thefroglyprince says:

        At Penn State we got all sorts of free stuff. I got to see a whole bunch of free concerts. I got free antivirus protection for life, too. haha Which seems like a such a nerd thing to like but that stuff is expensive.

      • That is awesome! It doesn’t seem like a nerd thing at all, because those things are definitely important and I’m sure it’s great not to have to pay for them. 🙂

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