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March of Happiness: Day Six

on March 6, 2013

I have three words that are the subject of today’s post: Pretty. Little. Liars.

Honestly, I don’t know how I got so wrapped up in this show. It’s absolutely amazing – even though I want to (and maybe I actually do it) scream at the girls for whatever silly choices they make. But they’re still pretty amazing.

Pretty Little Liars is something that makes me happy. I get excited every week that it comes on, because I am so eager to find out what happens next. The next episode will be a little upsetting for me – I’ll be in Japan and there is no wi-fi in the dorms we are staying in. Fortunately, I already have plans with my PLL buddy to watch both that episode and the season finale the week I get back.

Do you have a television show that makes you happy? Something you are always excited to watch?

3 responses to “March of Happiness: Day Six

  1. thefroglyprince says:

    I was that way with The OC. I have been thinking about trying pretty little liars.

    • It’s really good! A little creepy sometimes, but I completely enjoy the show.

      What’s the OC, if you don’t mind me asking? I feel like I know, but I’m going on a brain blank right now.

      • thefroglyprince says:

        It was a TV show from like 2002-2006 about a kid from the poor part of town that gets adopted by a rich family.

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