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Japan in Pictures!

on March 26, 2013

So, this is a little late, but it was promised! I’ve finally decided on photos to share with you all from my experience in Japan. It was difficult – I took over a hundred pictures each day – but I finally settled down on a few that I feel are really amazing.

First of all, my class woke up and walked to the bus stop. This is the view of the mountain behind us. Absolutely gorgeous.



Then, this is the view from the top of the mountain where APU is located. It absolutely took my breath away. IMG_8350


This is APU campus.



We did a downtown tour the first day and stopped at a shrine, where we got to practice leaving an offering and praying.



This was the hot spring we visited. It smelled, but was beautiful.




I was worried about food in Japan, because I’m allergic to shellfish (or might be allergic, to be more specific) and didn’t want to risk getting sick. However, there was so much wonderful food. Below is a picture of pork and cabbage that was steamed by the natural hot springs that run through Beppu. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. Add some soy sauce, and I was in heaven. It was a good welcoming dinner.






I didn’t eat this ramen until Thursday, but it was the best I have ever had. Pork, green onions, garlic in the broth, and the best noodles ever.



One of the Buddies took a picture of me outside of the ramen shop.



Some landscape. Mountains and nature everywhere.



We went on a trek the last day. These are some of the sights we held when walking up.




At the very top was this.






Me, after we looked at a temple later on.



A very beautiful temple!



Calligraphy. How’d I do?






The entrance sign to Harmonyland!






I braved my fears of heights and went on this giant ferris wheel. It actually wasn’t that bad.



We saw a spectacular night show before leaving Harmonyland that night.





And some other random pictures that didn’t load when they were supposed to.







IMG_8433 IMG_8437 IMG_8509 IMG_8510 IMG_8520 IMG_8525 IMG_8530 IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5420 IMG_5457 IMG_5462 IMG_5474 IMG_5579

I hope this gives you a good look at what I saw and did in Japan! I don’t have too many pictures from the business trips (because we weren’t supposed to take pictures) but I did have a good amount of cultural experiences. Hopefully one day you will get to do the same thing!



One response to “Japan in Pictures!

  1. Sam says:

    Hello Kitty world! So it is a real thing! lol. It looks like you saw a lot of cool things. What a great opportunity for you. It looks like you had a lot of fun, but it seems like I would probably be happy to be home after spending a week not understanding anything anyone was saying. lol.

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