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The Past, the Present, and the Future – Where do they lead us?

on April 15, 2013

My blog has been lacking lately, and I apologize.

Now, to the point of this post.

I hate to say this, mostly because tend to praise every little thing that makes a person unique and different, but we’re not all different. Completely different, at least. There are quirks, personality differences, that makes us all beautifully us. I mean, if you want to completely describe a person, it would be hard to find someone that is exactly the same. Maybe similar, but not the same.

What goes against all of this, though, is the wondering thoughts that fill our heads. I’m sure there are people out there who have an idea of what they want to do, but there is always going to be one large question hanging out there. What am I meant to do? Am I where I am supposed to be?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not a question on everyone’s mind. But it is something that is definitely in the front of my thoughts. It’s unwavering. It’s constant. It’s piercing.

I hate how I wait for a sign. This is it, I want to think. This sign will tell me what I need to do. Confirm my presence and my destiny.

But there’s not going to be sign that confirms my future. I can’t wait around for a sign. I am my own sign, my own destiny. Only I can determine where I am going to go – and of course there is going to be confusion. I’m a girl of many emotions and interests and thoughts and desires. And there’s definitely no one right answer. No right path to where I need to end up at. Because the truth is that there are probably tens or hundreds or thousands of paths that I could take and all of them would be correct.

Unless it involves murder or theft or any criminal acts, but those aren’t something that I would do.

Happiness is what I am aiming for, not just as an ends goal but as my companion along the way. If you spend too much time focusing on the future and worrying about would could or will be, you lose sight of what is happening now. That’s not good to do, because it would be sad to look back on your life and not see it as memorable.

I’ve had a lot of happy moments. I’ve had some sad ones too. They’ve all made me who I am today. I’ll have new moments that make me who I am tomorrow. I’m still going to worry about the future – that’s always going to be a part of me. But I think I am going to focus less on milling around for an answer to questions that just won’t be answered by the air in front of me. I’m going to focus on doing what I need to do to get somewhere in life. I want to be someone. I want to be successful and wonderful and happy. That’s my goal. Successful doesn’t have to be rich; I just want to be following my dreams and helping others along the way. I’m not going to ask “It could happen, right?” My future isn’t a question. It’s going to happen. And it’s going to be great.

Yours will, too. Don’t worry about what will. Do what you want. Follow your dreams. Make your life worth living – though, all lives are worth living. You are worth a life of wonder and adventure and happiness. And you will get that. I believe it.

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