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“Don’t Change”

on April 17, 2013

I had a teacher in high school say once that the worst thing to tell someone is to never change. People say it all the time, write in yearbooks because they won’t see each other over the summer or for years, or it just comes out as a simple statement. So, if it’s so common to say, then why is it bad?

Imagine if you never changed. You would be stuck as you are now. I’m not sure how you exactly are, but I’m going to say something that you might not like. There is always room for growth. It’s only right for people to try new things, face fears and grow new ones, discover foods they never would have eaten before, meet individuals who touch their hearts, and so much more. If you don’t change, you wouldn’t get to do things that you wouldn’t do right now.

Nobody means to be rude in saying, “Don’t change,” but it is almost like they are trying to tell you not to become a better you. To stay in the now. To never grow and try new things. In fact, most people won’t take it as being rude. It’s just another common saying.


It kind of isn’t.

It’s not something that I really focus on and it’s not something that I’ve come across in a while. I just find it interesting that two words can mean such a lot.

What do you think? Is saying “Don’t Change” that big of a deal or do you even think it is something to worry about?

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