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The Beginning of an Adventure: Summertime!

on May 5, 2013

For those of you taking college courses, we’re at the end of the school year. The summer is upon us and, oh, how bright that summer is looking. There is so much that can happen during the summer – swimming and parties and tanning and summer jobs and hanging with friends back home. It seems that something transformational always happens during that time, when you are apart from your peers that you see on a daily basis. When the end of the long, sunny summers comes to an end, you go back to school sun-kissed and sparkling. Maybe a little worn out from the doubles you pulled to make a little more money to go towards your students loans, and a little sad to be taken away from the freedom of what only the summer can be, but ready to head back nonetheless. 

Okay, so maybe my language is a little fluffy in describing the summer. It may be a little more grueling than it sounds, but it is a time of the year that you get to chill and relax. Enjoy the sun. 

Working a full-time job kind of takes away from the enjoyment of the summer, especially when you lose the will to really do too much. It’s still important to spend as much time enjoying what you have. Spend time with your friends, your family. Eat that ice cream when the sun seems to be at its hottest. Learn to dive at the city pool. Stare at the stars one night when you are having a hard time going to sleep. 

Personally, I want this summer to be absolutely amazing. I want to grow my hair back up (look out Rapunzel, I’m going to give you some competition), earn enough money to buy an old car for next school year, get a tan, work out more, and just become a better person. I want to work on a book, maybe finish it. I’m not sure if that will happen, because I’ve been telling myself since middle school that I was going to write a book. But you never know. Like I said, the summer can be transformational.

What do you have planned this summer? 

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