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School’s Back…. And so am I!

on September 3, 2013

Ah, school. While some may not enjoy those fresh, new (text)books and the chatter of students around them, I find returning to school an absolute joy. I know, I know – I’m a little strange. But for some reason I’ve always adored going to school. I mean, my child self wouldn’t stay home sick even though my mother wanted me to, but would go home when my teacher said to. A little strange, right?

It’s still a shame that the summer has ended, though not a big deal for me. I didn’t really get much of a break this year (not that I have had a real summer in a while). Between work and my two online courses, I kept pretty busy. Don’t worry, I did manage to hang out with friends and laze about in my room scrolling through tumblr for hours… but that doesn’t really account for a super adventure in an alternate universe or even across the country!

This year is definitely going to be interesting at school, though. I’m finally a senior (in the wise words of London Tipton “Yay, me!”) and I’ll be doing a lot in preparation for my entry into the real world. I have Capstone this semester (I’ll be dying under mountains of research toward the end of this semester), an internship to take in the spring (I’m excited for this one!), and a whole load of classes to teach me the skills and knowledge I’ll hopefully need in the real world. I am working this semester – as a student worker in HR on campus and as a personal assistant to a really awesome person in town. With all of this stuff going on, it looks like my planner will once again be the love of my life this year. Sorry, boys.

Good luck to everyone with the new school year and also good luck to everyone who is out of school. You all deserve a great year, no matter where you are. Keep reaching for your dreams, try your best at everything you do, and enjoy life.

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