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My Korean Obsession

on January 26, 2014

Last year, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of kpop and Korean dramas and just the beauty of Korea. Now I can’t say that I have a full-fledged obsession, but it did help to grow my love of Asian culture.

I’m mostly into kpop and have a few groups that I completely adore: Girls Generation, EXO, SHINee, Block B… The style of music is really different from what I listen to everyday in the United States and it has a really great feel to it. I actually have a playlist on YouTube that I listen to when I’m doing music or when I just want to enjoy some kpop (you can listen to it hereย if you want). It doesn’t matter that the language isn’t the same and I don’t understand the words. I understand the music and that’s what is important. That’s what music is all about, pulling a chord in someone’s heart no matter where they are from.

Korean dramas also prove to be very entertaining… and quite a bit emotional. My first dip into the pool of kdrams was “You’re Beautiful”, which is really cute and funny and wonderful. It’s about a girl who pretends to be an idol for her twin brother and goes through all of these adventures while trying to keep her gender a secret from her new bandmates.

The second drama I watched was called “The Master’s Sun.” I was so emotionally drained after that show, but it was most definitely my favorite – even over American shows that I have seen. The main character is a girl who sees ghosts. She somehow meets this big CEO who is cold to her, but it ends up that ghosts go away whenever she touches him. In an effort to get close to him and get rid of the ghosts, she works at the company he owns and a great adventure happens for the both of them. I actually highly recommend this show.

So, yes, I’m highly in love with the Korean world right now. I want to eventually visit the country and I’m going to try to teach myself some of the language this year (well, that and Japanese). Global awareness is a major factor of the education at my university, but it’s not something that they needed to push on me. I’ve always been global aware and yearned to explore the world. It’ll take time (and quite a bit of money), but I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

What about you, fellow bloggers? Any dreams of learning another language or becoming surrounded by a different culture? Do you have any favorite kpop groups?

13 responses to “My Korean Obsession

  1. saranghewho says:

    Great post!
    I have several favourite groups that I listen to whenever I have time to relax. I’m a fan of Infinite, SHINee and 2NE1.
    And thanks for recommending Master’s Sun. I’m really looking forward to it!

    • Thanks! It’s always great to meet someone that’s a part of the kpop community!

      I haven’t heard much of Infinite, but SHINee and 2NE1 are definitely some of my faves. They’re really good!

      Master’s Sun is really good, so I hope you enjoy it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Dyan says:

    I don’t really go for groups but 2ne1, GirlsGen, these I know quite a few of their songs. I mostly get the songs I like and memorize and sing from the Korean dramas. Speaking of, you should try watching My Girlfriend is A Gumiho and I Hear Your Voice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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