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Worry Bugs

on February 2, 2014

They’re not really bugs, but, god, do they feel like they are. Every time you squish one, three more seem to appear in its place.

Worrying is only a natural part of life. I tend to tell myself more often than not that everything is going to be okay, just believe and let things happen. But the ultimate question is, “What’s going to happen?” No amount of worrying – or not worrying – is going to tell me that. And you won’t be able to find out, either. The future is hidden just beyond our grasp and there’s nothing we can do to change it.

So, just relax. Enjoy the now. I got a fortune cookie today that told me, “Seize from every moment its uniqueness.” You can’t change what is happening right now (in fact, you’ve already read most of this post!). Even if things don’t look good right now, the rainbow is just beyond the storm. Keep your head up and trying your best to achieve your goals. You can do it!

And if the squishing the worry bugs isn’t helping, just use the bug spray of love and hope to kill them off. You got this, I believe in you. 🙂

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