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on March 15, 2014


No, I’m not all dressed up for a date with my boyfriend. But, I did go to see the kpop group called Boyfriend at their first U.S. Showcase in Dallas on Thursday.

It was amazing!

Honestly, I can’t believe that it was so good and that I got to go to such an awesome event. The boys were super adorable (I’m sure you fans know that already) and very friendly.

My friend and I bought VVIP tickets, so we were only four rows away from the stage. And we got a free album, a high five, and an autograph session. The high ticket prices were totally worth it for this.

Plus, Kwangmin told me my dress was pretty. I died a little inside. And Minwoo gave me another high five going through the autograph session. Whoo!

As I said, totally worth it. The Showcase itself was fantastic – they played all the popular songs that I know of, plus had individual songs (some even in English!). Their dance moves were in sync and on beat, flawless from what I could tell. My favorite part was when they played charades with several members of the audience – they tried so hard!

Also, we got an encore to the encore. And one of the boys jumped into the audience. Okay, lots of favorite parts.

All in all, make sure to check out Boyfriend. Though you may not understand the language, the music speaks in itself. I think you’ll find it great if you just keep an open mind and enjoy the music.

For those of you who are into Boyfriend – or kpop – what do you think of the group? Who is your favorite member?


(The one on the far left is the one that said my dress was pretty! *sqeals*)

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