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Time To Grow Up

on June 25, 2014

And in growing up, I mean to mature a bit.

I realize that I am not the most mature person in the universe. I am very childish – I love cartoons, obsess over Hello Kitty, goof around, and rely on others to be the big person.

I’m not saying that the person I am is a bad one. I love who I am. I try to have fun in all situations (when it’s acceptable) and want to be kind to everyone that I meet. I’m loyal and try to be dependable, so I hope that others can rely on me a little.

In growing up, I think that I need to learn to be a little bit more patient with some people. To accept that I can do “grown-up” things and that I have the power to do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. To be more self conscious of how I act around my peers and those who I manage. To be more open and talkative about subjects that are sensitive.

These will be my goals. I know that I already have a list of summer goals (of which none are yet complete), but I want to work on growing as an individual at the same time.

Any tips on how I can reach these goals? How do you keep a mature demeanor in your daily life?

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