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Feeling Beautiful

on August 15, 2014

We are our own worst critic. I can say I know that more than anyone, but I have a feeling everyone knows that more than anyone else. 

It can be hard to look in the mirror and like what you see. But no matter what you think, you are beautiful. Your eyes, your nose, your ears, your arms, your existence is lovely. 

And if you feel like you want to improve yourself, do it. Nothing helps improve your mood than the feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. This summer, I’ve made sure to take better care of my skin and do facial masks, deep cleansing, and eat healthier foods. I’ve worked on prettifying my hair – cutting it and growing it out longer. Because I want longer. 

Some days, I feel I could look better. But most days, I look in the mirror and see a girl that is happy with life and who is trying her best to be who she can. And that’s what is important. 

Attitude. Belief. 

Believe in yourself and stay positive. You are beautiful. It’s not a lie. 

I know there’s a lot more that is involved in feeling beautiful, but all the lists I read up on are so repetitive. I just feel the major step is changing your attitude in how you view yourself and how you feel about yourself. What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below and let me know how you feel about this subject! 

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