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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

on September 28, 2014

I want to do something AMAZING.

As do we all. But, really, this feeling to do something spectacular just likes to take over me. I wish it would last forever, because it is a good feeling – as if I am flying and I can see everything from where I’m at.

My newest idea is to start a business. This is something I plan to seriously do in the future, but why should that prevent me from doing something now.

The perks of starting a business now:

  1. Experience. And I want experience. I need experience.
  2. Fun. Why should I not have fun with it?
  3. Extra money. I need money.

I’m young. Taking risks is something I’m expected to do. So why not meet expectations?

I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to do a joint business venture together and she’s all for it. I’m excited to get together with her and put our heads together to come up with something amazing.

I still have other plans and other ideas that consist of the following things:

  • YouTube channel – actually sticking with it
  • Mastering violin. Just need to practice.
  • Learning Japanese. And Korean.
  • Becoming fluent in French.
  • Getting an awesomesauce job (and I think I’ve found my new perfect one here)

The problem is that I have no time for all the dreams I have (unless someone wants to turn me into a vampire or otherwise immortal being that doesn’t decompose or get scary looking? That’d be perfect). But I’ll finish as much of them as I can.

So, my dearest readers, what say you? What are your plans and goals for life or for the near future? Feel free to comment below and share!

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