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PlayStation 2 – Going Old School

on October 19, 2014

PlayStation 2, the game system that I grew up on.

I recently visited home and talked my parents into letting me bring it temporarily to my apartment. And so, awesomeness ensued.

Today I started playing Kingdom Hearts – best game ever. In my opinion, of course (but as I told my roommate today, my opinion is not flawed).

Along with Kingdom Hearts, I have plans to play Rachet and Clank and Dark Cloud. All classic. All awesome.

You can understand my excitement (or I hope you can!). My adventure with Kingdom Hearts begins anew with a new game – a new chance to defeat some awesome bosses and remeet all the fantastic Disney characters in this game’s universe. Thank you, Square Enix, for a fantastic blend of Disney, action, and a great storyline (plus fantastic music – please tell me I’m not the only one that would start the game over just to listen to Utada Hikaru’s songs).

So, dear readers, do any of you play video games? Love PlayStation? What are your favorite games? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

4 responses to “PlayStation 2 – Going Old School

  1. Vinny says:

    I love old school gaming and game systems. The PS2 was great, but I was a GameCube kind of guy! Never really got into Kingdom Hearts but I heard it was great.

    • Ah, I loved the GameCube! Yeah, Kingdom Hearts was fantastic – I probably got a little too obsessed with it at some point, but we all have that, I’m sure! If you ever get the chance, definitely try it out.

  2. PlayStation 2 is fun even today. My favs are Gradius V (excellent shoot’em up), Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (RPG), Super Bust-A-Move and God of War 2. These days I mostly play on the PC, Amiga and Xbox 360.

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