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Painting Nails, Trying to Get Healthy (And Failing), and the Impending Doom of NaNoWriMo

on October 22, 2014

Maybe not doom, but definite chaos.

I’m sorry for the long title. Or maybe not. I feel like it accurately portrays the massive amount of thoughts running through my mind these days.

And there are a lot.

So, to go in order of the spectacular title – nails! I purchased some great colors from the NYC line recently and have had a lot of fun painting my nails. Cheap price, great polish. It’s perfect for a poor, semi-employed, recent grad like me. It’s great to be able to put a little effort into things other than make-up and picking the right outfit.

Right before painting my nails, though, I was shoving chips in my face. And candy. Can’t forget the candy. A major setback and no-no to the healthy lifestyle that I want to lead. Of course, having more money would entice me to purchase nicer and better food for me. Let’s hope for some luck on the job hunting front in the near future. *fingers crossed*

And then NaNo. It’s that time of year again. I only have a week and a half left, but I haven’t even started thinking of a storyline. I just know which characters I’m supposed to be using – and I may have to chance depending on what happens. However, I do need to practice writing again with my character before I start writing a story again with some long-time friends from middle school/junior high.

Ah, NaNo. The horrors. The joys. The excitement and intrigue. What shall become of you this year? I’m hoping for success.

So, any other NaNoWriMoers out there? Excited to begin? Or any tips on healthy eating? I’d love to take some recipes or jot down some ideas that you might have! Feel free to share your stories, recipes, or otherwise exciting news below.

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