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Writer’s Block

on October 25, 2014

But not for my blog, as my obvious burst of posts suggest.

No, what I have a writer’s block for is of tremendous disappointment and irritation. What I have a writer’s block on is my passion, my dream.

I’m stuck on writing and I seem to be sinking down into the quicksand. And as the unwelcome surprise does, I’m getting pulled in the more I struggle.

I have always loved to write. In high school, it was my only real passion – other than choir and doing actual schoolwork. I actually wrote a book and sent it out to agents the summer between my sophomore and junior year.

I was obviously rejected, though I did have an agent review the entire manuscript. I was 16 and my work then was not that great. At all. I’m still impressed that someone gave me a chance.

But college happened. And life.

And slowly my passion became something in the background – a figment of my imagination and a yearning for a world away from the craziness that is a student’s life.

Now, I’m trying to start back up. My skills need to be refined. My determination increased. I like to think that I’m not that good and I need to work past that.

I’m not the final determiner, though I do have a bit of a say in the matter.

No matter what, my dream will always be to publish and write and share worlds of my creations with the masses. To spread joy and smiles and happiness. To be heard.

I’m gonna get there. One day. Right now, it’s one word at a time. I’ll practice. I’ll get better. And you’ll see my name on the shelves as you walk through the bookstore.

Writer’s block definitely isn’t fun, but it can be overcome. Just believe in yourself, listen to good music, go for a run, and for goodness sake, write. You won’t get anywhere if you’re like me and just stare at the screen.

Dreams don’t come true if you don’t take the initiative. Take that initiative. You got this.

Any inspiring words from you, my dear readers? Or any woes to share regarding the horror of writer’s block?

2 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. thenoveilst says:

    My advice always, is to give the mind a break. One thing I’ve realised having published two books, is that, we can’t force the mind. Inspiration comes, when it comes. 🙂

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