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Counting Down to the New Year

on December 25, 2014

The thing about the New Year is that you never know what it’s going to bring you. It could be anything – good or bad.

This year was a mixture of both, but the bad stands out the most. Death was prevalent. Oh, it was so prevalent. My family lost two of our dogs. There were several deaths in the family, one of which we are still waiting for the funeral due to an autopsy. People that I know lost ones dear to them as well. It was a rude awakening for me, to know that this kind of thing happens all the time.

I wish it didn’t.

Yet, I can’t focus on the bad. There was good.

I graduated from college with my bachelors. I made a 4.0 while at St. Edward’s University. I was in a symposium to present research I’d done and I was a finalist in a business plan competition with one of my best friends.

I got a job. Several jobs.

I helped organize Austin Startup Week and had the most fantastic time. I worked more at the company I interned for in the spring. Went back to the theater and really enjoyed the summer. Apple wanted me, even if they ended up not funding the position they were going to hire me for.

And now I’m working at St. Augustine.

Now I have all of that to try to grow from, experiences that have helped me become who I am right at this moment in time. Some of them I wished I hadn’t experienced, but I guess it’s all a part of life. It’s happened, I can’t do anything to fix that.

Nothing at all.

What do I do now? What do we all do now? Nothing ever goes the way you plan it, doesn’t matter if you are a student in college, someone working to pay off their loans, a parent, or the ruler of a nation. There will always be obstacles that try to bring us down.

Don’t let them do that.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to lose to the obstacles and fear of things going wrong. It’s horrifying and nobody should have to go through that. Not you. Not anyone.

I realize this post is growing in length and that I’ve preached this subject again and again. But it’s important to me. Bad things happen, people, a lot of bad things. The state of the world is terrifying, yes. People can be cruel and mean and rude. And when everything’s said and done, you have to live with it.

And you can.

Believe in yourself. Don’t focus on the pains of the past. Look to the future and be excited about all of the great things waiting for you. Not good, great.

It’s not like you are magically going to get over all the bad things that happen. You are going to have to work. Pick yourself up. Aim in the direction of your dreams and make them happen. Honestly, it’s all within your grasp if you just try.

The New Year is almost here. Where will it take you?

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