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A Little Bit of a Change

on February 23, 2015

That is, if I’m able to stick with actually writing.

I’ve been planning this for a while. I want to write things that actually mean something, that all of you can really get something from – not this random stuff that urges for you to try your best.

We should be doing our best anyway.

And I’ll still write about that. I’m always going to want to strive for amazing things and push for that. But there’s more that I want to share with everyone.

So, from now on, expect to see a shift in the topics I speak about. I’m thinking about having specific days set to a certain topic – such as world news, books I’ve read, interesting historical topics, self-improvement, health, etc. Expect a great deal on writing. And samples of my own writing that I want to share.

This is going to be a very rounded out blog, hopefully something that will sound interesting to you all.

And if it’s not… then please please PLEASE let me know.

I want what I share to be interesting. If I need to change the way I write or focus on different things, I want to know. Like I said, I strive to do amazing things and that involves doing some self-improvement along the way.

I’ll start this week, once I’ve finalized my plans. I’m excited. And I hope you are too.

What do you think, my dear readers? Is this a bad idea? If not, any suggestions for things that you would like me to write about or discuss?

2 responses to “A Little Bit of a Change

  1. madelineeva says:

    Sounds interesting to me and will help further your writing! Can’t wait!

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