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The End of the Beginning

on August 17, 2015

I have recently moved out from the world’s most terrible apartment complex (complaints to come at a later date) and into my own little abode in a beautiful apartment complex that actually cares about its residents. A nice change, I would say.

There have been many changes lately. Living on my own has come with its own consequences – higher bills (which we would all agree are the worst), seconds jobs, lots of quiet time, and have I mentioned higher bills?

While I wouldn’t say that my current standing in life is the most sought after, I would say that I’m not doing too bad. Yes, I have to work extra now to make ends meet, but the sense of independence and ability to focus on my goals are worth the negatives. I’m totally enjoying life.

And now that I have all of this time to myself (minus the time I spend at work), I want to focus on developing myself and actually reaching some of the goals I have set for myself. I figure if I put an hour or so aside each day, maybe I can meet some progress.

I also hope to write more – on here, on tumblr, in the stories that fill a file on my computer. Maybe even something on Wattpad. Who knows? What I do know is that I’m gonna go somewhere. I’m gonna complete a story someday and it’s gonna be freakin’ awesome (let me dream, okay?).

I’m also going to work on learning more tongues, figuring out how to do different hairstyles, and making food that is actually worth looking forward to eating. Yup, I’m going to become a pro chef (or as much of you can become with a box of pasta and some marinara sauce).

So, lovely readers, expect some extra awesome posts from me in the future (hopefully near future) and keep enjoying life. No matter what it throws at you, something good is always going to happen. That’s my philosophy anyway.

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