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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2016


Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo ’16 and I am psyched for it to arrive. The above costume is a character that I’m going to add into my novel and on the way into work this morning (all 50 minutes of the drive), I came up with a tragic backstory and novel idea for this mischievous sorceress. Don’t mess with her. You won’t like the results.

Her name is Evelyn, but she likes to go by Evie. She’s not a main character in my NaNo. I’m just incorporating her into it for now. She’ll also appear in another story that I plan to write after this month. The exciting part for her comes after, where the main characters of the first two stories go on a journey and end up realizing that she is the person they are trying to find.

Thankfully, she likes them.

Aside from the fun character inspirations, today was a lot of fun! Several of my coworkers dressed up for Halloween and we had a costume contest. I tied for first (even though I was kind of in charge of counting votes, HR did it with me so it was not rigged!).

While I wish I could have gone out to some celebratory parties downtown for the night, it’s been fun staying in and just relaxing. The cleaning I told myself was going to happen was strangely absent (or not).

How about you, dear reader? Feel free to share your Halloween day stories and let us know what your costume was!

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