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Black Friday and It’s Terror on Wallets

on November 25, 2016

It continues. Another year passes and, once again, Black Friday has claimed millions of dollars. Our wallets lay flat and lifeless in our pockets, while we are weighed down by the many items we have purchased. Is that crack the sound of my back breaking?

Okay, but more seriously, I really am feeling the dent in my bank account from just last night’s adventures – and that was all before 9 PM on Thursday. This is my first year seriously doing Black Friday and I’m wondering the consequences of my decisions.

I won’t complain – despite the long lines, I got some pretty useful items for my kitchen, hair products that I’ve been meaning to get for many a month, and a five-foot teddy bear I’ve wanted for years that I have absolutely no regrets getting. He was only $20, guys. He was worth it.


Isn’t he just adorable?! I’ve been wanting one since we had to put our Korean Jindo down a few years ago. His name was Beau, but we’d call him Beau Bear. Thus, began my search for the perfect bear to name Beau. He’ll watch over me along with my giant stuffed giraffe, Aerrow, named after my dog that we had to put down ahead of Beau. 

Today begins round two. My mother and I ventured out to Walmart, Ulta (dangerous and beautiful territory), and Target last night. Our target today? Definitely the mall.

I’m excited to see what other deals are going on – especially for some of the sports bras at Victoria’s Secrets – but I cringe at the thought of spending more money. I still have to do Christmas shopping for friends and family. Can I just win the lottery now?

Have you done any Black Friday shopping this year, readers? What are your favorite deals? Please share and comment below. We’d love to hear!

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