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North Pole Interview 2013

on December 21, 2016

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. The sparkling lights, the gorgeous decor,  the comfy and fun fashion styles… or perhaps it’s that Christmas magic that seems to coat everything in just a little more cheer than usual.

When I was younger, I started sending out email newsletters to my immediate family and friends. The first Christmas, I decided to do an interview with Santa. My readers loved it so much (I don’t care how biased they were), I decided to stick with it. I did it the year after. And the year after that. And the year after that.

Now it’s a tradition that I can’t bare to break – and I would never want to. Not only is it fun to come up with a new story each year, but I love getting to feel a little more apart of the holiday season and share something fun with an even larger group of friends and family.

Sadly, I noticed that I haven’t posted my last three years of stories. I think it’s time to make up for that. I’ll be posting an interview each day until Christmas, with the 2016 interview being posted on Christmas Eve.

Please read on and enjoy! Perhaps they are not the best in quality, but I hope they put a bit of a smile on your face.


After last year’s excitement at the North Pole, I didn’t get a chance to really interview Santa. I’m determined this year to get that interview, but it seems that it’s going to take a little bit longer than I expected it to be. At the moment, I’m somewhere out in the forests surrounding Santa’s Workshop, partnered with Jack Frost and Tim the elf as we search for a very specific plant that grows in the North Pole. The reason why? I’ll start this year’s report from before arriving at Santa’s Workshop.


(I am reading a book when my cell phone starts to ring. I look at the caller ID to see that it is a private number. Curious, I answer the phone.)

Me: Hello?

Familiar Voice: Brittany, this is Santa!

Me: Santa! How are you? What are you calling about?

Santa: Well, the North Pole is in a bit of a rough spot right now. I’m calling to cancel your visit this year until we’ve gotten things together again.

Me: * silence*

Santa: I’m very sorry.

Me: What’s wrong, Santa? What’s going on?

Santa: Well…

Familiar Voice #2: * in the background * Santa, tell her! She handled the yetis last year! I’m sure she’ll even want to help out this year.

Me: Is that Jack? Santa, please tell me what’s going on!

Santa: * hesitant * I don’t like to ever say that Christmas might not come, but… Christmas may not happen. Most of the reindeer have fallen ill and Christmas magic will not work on them. They can’t fly or… talk. * is silent for a moment * Mrs. Claus and I don’t know what else to do. This has never happened before.

Me: Omigoodness… Santa, that’s terrible!

(There is a scuffle on the other end of the phone and then Jack’s voice comes through.)

Jack: Brittany?

Me: Jack!

Jack: The old man thinks there might be some sort of plant out in the forests around his workshop that might be able to help. We have a general idea of where it might be, but we still have to do some searching.

Me: * grins * Christmas can be saved! That’s great!

Jack: Maybe. * sound of a box falling to the ground * Want to come help search? You can get your interview after we save Christmas. Again.

Santa: * in the background * Jack! You’re about to get put onto the Naughty list! Brittany isn’t used to the cold up here. It’s dangerous for her. I don’t want her involved.

Jack: So she bundles up! * into the phone * Wear a thick jacket.

Me: * laughs * I don’t know if I have a jacket thick enough for the North Pole.

Jack: Hmm…. * to Santa * Do we have thick jackets?

Santa: * grumbles something in the background *

Jack: Looks like we’re in! I’ll come pick you up in a few minutes, Brittany, so get dressed.

(I can tell Santa is trying to say something but Jack hangs up before he can get to the phone. I shake my head, wondering what I’ve just gotten myself into. But, hey, I braved the yetis last year. Maybe this won’t be so bad.)


(True to his word, Jack arrives within a few minutes and transports me up to the North Pole. I am bundled up in layers of clothing, my thickest jacket, and a super warm fuzzy hat, but I am still concerned about traversing through the snow for a long amount of time.)

Jack: Santa wants to give you a briefing before we go out.

Me: A briefing?

Jack: * nods * Yeah. It’ll be really quick, though.

Me: Okay. * thinks * I’m starting to feel like I’m on some sort of task force or something.

(We walk over to Santa’s house, where I am greeted warmly by Mrs. Claus and Snowflake, their super adorable puppy. I pick Snowflake up and kiss her on the head.)

Me: It’s been so long!

Jack: * chuckles * I think she’s more interested in the puppy than anything else.

Me: * shoots him a glare * What’s wrong with loving a puppy?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Mrs. Claus: * laughing * You children…

Jack: I’m way older than her! I’m not a child!

Me: Neither am I, Jack. * laughs *

Mrs. Claus: * shakes her head with a smile on her face * Now, now. You two have a very important mission to go on. Let’s go meet Santa in the back room.

(Jack and I follow Mrs. Claus into a back room that I haven’t seen before. Santa is sitting down with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, pictures and maps strewn across the tabletop in front of him.)

Santa: Welcome! Please, take a seat and let’s get started.

Jack and I: * sits *

Me: What are these pictures for?

Santa: * pushes a picture of a plant towards me * This is what you, Jack, and Tim are going to be looking for. It’s the cure for the illness that the reindeer have caught.

Me: Tim is going to be there?

Santa: The more people, the better. The ninja squad is already searching the forest, but Jack has a little bit of an advantage wherever he goes.

Jack: * grins * Just a little bit.

Santa: * pushes a map across to me * We think the plant should be in this area. * points to a large area just north of Santa’s Workshop * This is where you’ll be looking.

Me: Sounds like a plan.

Santa: It’s going to be cold.

Me: * motions to my outfit * I’m very well dressed.

Jack: And I can make it warmer around her while we travel. It’ll be fine, Santa. Stop worrying.

Santa: * sighs * I try not to, but I can’t help worrying. I’ve never been so stressed before, not even last year when the yetis locked us in the toy factory. Christmas is so close. If the reindeer don’t get well…

Me: Santa, Jack’s right. Don’t worry! We’re going to fix this for you.

(We stay a few more minutes before heading out and meeting Tim the elf on the edge of Santa’s Workshop. He’s excited to see me, despite the circumstances. We quickly hug each other before heading out on our search. As Jack promised Santa, he has made the temperature a bit more comfortable for me as we walk throughout the forests.)

Tim: It’s a bad time for this to happen.

Me: * nods * Especially with Christmas tomorrow. Do you think… that the reindeer will be better in time for flying?

Tim: There’s no way to tell. All we can do is hope for a Christmas miracle.

Jack: Everything’s going to work out. We’re going to find this plant, heal the reindeer, and get Christmas rolling.

Me: We can do it!

(We walk for about a half hour. I can feel my legs starting to ache and I think that I really need to work on walking more often. We haven’t seen any plants other than the nearby trees. Everything is buried in snow, though, so I worry a bit that our journey’s goal has been hidden underneath a blanket of white somewhere.)

Me: What if we miss it?

Jack: We won’t.

Me: But-

Jack: Trust me, Brittany. We won’t miss it.

Tim: Yeah, there’s no way we can miss it.

(A little bit confused, I don’t respond but follow them quietly as we continue our search. After a few more minutes, I stop to take a breather. Jack and Tim don’t notice, but I don’t call for them right away. I will start back up in just a minute.)

Random Noise: * growls *

Me: * freezing, I look around to see where the growl is coming from *

(A flash of movement catches my eyes and I turn around, looking into the forest. I see a large ball of white, as if a giant ball of snow is moving around through the trees. Cautiously, and a bit stupidly, I walk out into the trees… and am met with a blast of freezing cold air. I’ve left Jack’s winter weather shield.)

Me: * hugs myself as I start shivering * This i-i-isn’t g-good.

Random Noise: * growls *

Me: * takes a step back *

Random Noise: * growls louder *

Me: * prepares to scream *

(Suddenly the mysterious object appears in front of me and I realize it is one of the yetis that live nearby. I let out a giant sigh of relief.)

Me: Thank goodness! I was afraid there was something out here that was going to… kill me. That would not be a Christmas miracle!

Yeti: * growls *

Me: * thinks * I can’t understand at all.

Yeti: * leans over and picks me up *

Me: * not sure what to do * Thank you. Could you help me find Jack Frost and Tim? They left without me…

Yeti: * growls, softer *

(The yeti starts walking. I really hope that it understands me, but there’s nothing much I can do other than snuggle against its fur and keep warm. After a while, we hear a shouting noise. Jack and Tim come barreling through the trees, relief on their faces as they see me. I can feel the temperature rise again.)

Jack and Tim: Brittany!

Me: * out of the yeti’s arms * Jack! Tim!

Jack: * attacks me with a hug * Where did you go? One minute you were there, the next you were gone. We were so worried!

Tim: We couldn’t find you at all!

Me: I got tired and then distracted… But this yeti found me and started carrying me around.

Jack: * to the yeti * Thank you! You’re a lifesaver!

Me: * giggles * Literally! It was too cold without your magic, Jack!

Jack: * looks at the ground * I’m really sorry.

Me: Don’t worry about it! I’m all good and we’re all together again. What we need to focus on is finding this plant.

Yeti: * growls *

Tim: If only Comet were here… He’s the only one that can understand the yetis.

Jack: Let’s just keep looking.

(After another ten minutes of what seems like pointless searching, we see a faint light coming from in front of us. Jack, Tim, and even the yeti get extremely excited and run ahead. I stare at them confused.)

Jack: * stops and looks back at me * Brittany, come on! We can’t lose you again!

Me: * still confused, but runs to join the group *

Tim: It’s real! It’s really real!

Yeti: * excited growl *

Me: That… That’s the plant?

(In front of us is the plant that we’ve been looking for, but it’s glowing a bright blue. The light pulses slowly. Somehow, I’m not even surprised at all that a plant can glow. But that seems like nothing compared to seeing Santa and talking reindeer and elves and Jack Frost and yetis.)

Tim: This is definitely it! * reaches into a pocket and pulls out some sheers to cut off pieces of the plant *

Me: I’m so glad that we found it! But can we make it back in time? We’re pretty far from the workshop.

Jack: I’ll just teleport us back from here. I couldn’t do it before because we didn’t know where to go.

Me: * jumps in joy * That’s awesome! We don’t have to walk and we’ll get to help the reindeer faster!

Jack: * grins *

Yeti: * grabs both of us in a hug and growls *

(As soon as Tim finishes collecting pieces of the plant that we need to make the medicine for the reindeer, Jack transports us back to Santa’s Workshop. A liquid, and slightly glowing, medicine is quickly made and distributed to the reindeer. I wait patiently with Jack, Tim, the yeti, and the only reindeer still not sick, Comet.)

Comet: * all of a sudden * Brittany, George says he thinks you’re pretty.

Me: * blushes * George?

Comet: * moves head and points antlers at the yeti *

Me: * smiles up at George * Thank you! You’re so sweet!

George: * growls *

Jack: * laughs *

Me: * punches him in the arm softly * Don’t be a jerk!

Jack: * continues laughing *

Tim: * shakes head *

Santa: * running outside with a large smile on his face * The medicine works! Christmas will be going along as scheduled!

Everyone everywhere: * shouts in happiness *

Me: I’m so glad that it worked out well!

Jack: Me, too. And I’m glad that you could come help us out!

Me: I didn’t do much, but it was definitely fun to search with you and Tim. And George.

George: * growls *

Me: I guess I should head back home. Jack, would you take me?

Jack: What about your interview?

Me: I don’t want to bother anyone. It’s been stressful and Christmas is just a few hours away and there’s not really any time. I’ll just try again next year.

Jack: You could always interview me.

Tim: And I can help out, too.

Me: Really? I’ll just do quick questions. I really don’t want to keep anyone.

Comet: Wait, what about me and George.

Me: * giggles * Of course I’ll interview the two of you! Okay, so first question. What’s your favorite part about the holidays?

George: * growls *

Comet: He says now that Santa is bringing the yetis presents again, that’s his favorite part. But he also likes seeing his family from the other side of the North Pole.

Me: Awww. And you, Comet?

Comet: Mrs. Claus’s hot chocolate!

Tim: As is the favorite part of all the reindeers’ holidays… Mine is getting to see my little ones’ faces light up as they see their presents Christmas morning.

Me: You’re so close with your kids, Tim! And you, Jack?

Jack: Um… * thinks for a moment * Getting to see everyone at the North Pole and hang out with them every year since the accidental blizzards in 2011. It’s been fun since then.

Me: And hectic! There never seems to be a break up here. Okay, I’ll only ask one more question. Any advice for the readers this Christmas?

Comet: Put out carrots! Carrots! Enough for all of the reindeer. Or just put my name on it. That would be fine, too.

Tim: Enjoy your time with your family or friends. You all deserve some holiday happiness!

Jack: Don’t get mad at me if you don’t have any snow… And wear good clothes for the cold! Don’t freeze.

George: Be happy!

Me: Yes, be happy! Wait. * confused * You speak?

Everyone: * silence *

George: * growls *

Comet: He says that he doesn’t know what you are talking about.

(I say my goodbyes to my friends at the North Pole and Jack transports me back home, where the weather is much, much warmer. Jack jokes about sending a cold front to Texas and I just roll my eyes at him. He disappears, back off to the North Pole for him, and I wander into my home to type this report. It’s been an interesting visit to the North Pole this year and I am a little concerned that I’ll never have a normal visit again. But, then, who could say that visiting Santa and the North Pole is normal? All in all, Christmas is still set to run and everyone can enjoy the holiday to the fullest! Make sure to put out carrots and cookies and enjoy each other’s company, not just the presents. Merry Christmas, everyone!)

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