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North Pole Interview 2016

on December 25, 2016

I stare up with wide eyes, horrified at the sight in front of me. I shouldn’t be surprised at what is happening. I’ve seen so many crazy things at the North Pole, but I never would have thought this would be something that could happen. And I have to wonder, will this finally be the end of the North Pole?


(Preparations for Christmas ended a bit earlier this year than usual, so the North Pole is bustling around to celebrate in the free time that they have. I’m walking with Jack Frost from the main house over to the North Pole Square. Colorful lights are strung from house to house, sparkling even more brightly than the stars in the sky. We can hear Christmas songs blasting out from up ahead and a few of the reindeer dancing through the air above the Square.)

Me: I’m so excited, Jack! This is my first time getting to celebrate Christmas with everyone.

Jack: * sips on a hot cup of Mrs. Claus’s hot cocoa * That’s right, you don’t usually get to stay around after Christmas to celebrate with us.

Me: * nods * And the past several years have been extremely… adventurous. There was no time to celebrate.

Jack: Well, you’ll get to see how everyone parties it up in the North Pole. The parties are crazy.

Me: * snorts * Oh, I’m sure Santa and Mrs. Claus just throw the most wild parties. I’m sure the reindeer sneak some of the hot cocoa and go berserk.

Jack: * grimaces * Don’t remind me.

Me: * shakes my head * I’m wondering if I should be a bit concerned.

(We finally make it to the Square. Santa and his wife are dancing with some of the elves around a giant tree. Reindeer are flying in the air, moving to the beat of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” and a few of the ninja elves are riding on their backs. George the yeti walks up to us with Comet in tow.)

George: * growls *

Comet: He says Merry Christmas!

Me: Merry Christmas, George. Are y’all enjoying the party so far?

Comet: We are! Don’t tell anyone, but Rudolph and I just downed two cups of hot cocoa. * eye twitches * I feel on top of the world.

Jack: Maybe you shouldn’t have any more hot cocoa. Especially with your flight in a few hours.

George: * growls *

Comet: * glares at George * Don’t agree with him. I’ll be fine.

Me: Comet, I think we’re going to have to –

(I freeze as the ground starts to shake underneath me. Jack and I exchange a look.)

Comet: Maybe you’re right. I’m going crazy. It felt like the earth itself moved underneath my hooves. * lifts a hoof off of the ground and stares at it *

Jack: I don’t think you’re crazy, Comet. I felt that too.

Me: Does the North Pole even get earthquakes? Is that possible?

(The earth shakes again. A single ornament falls from the heights of the Christmas tree, shattering as it crashes into the ground. Someone has turned off the holiday music as everyone stops what they are doing to stare at the broken ornament.)

Santa: That is unusual.

Mrs. Claus: I would say that is an understatement, dear.

(I walk toward Santa and Mrs. Claus, Jack following along behind me. I can sense the tension in him as the air grows a little more frigid. Another series of movement rumbles through the ground and this time I can hear loud noises coming from the other side of the Santa’s Village.)

Me: Santa, is there any construction going on that I don’t know about? A new workshop or anything like that?

Santa: * shakes his head * Nothing of the sort, Brittany. Tim, get the ninja squad on this right away.

Tim (who has appeared out of nowhere): * nods * I’m on it, Santa.

Me: * turns to Jack * Let’s follow them.

Jack: * raises an eyebrow * Weren’t you just lamenting the fact that you haven’t had time to celebrate Christmas when you visit?

Me: I wouldn’t call that lamenting, Jack. If there’s one thing you should know about me by now, it’s my deep love for adventures.

Jack: That I am definitely aware of. * holds out a hand to me * Let’s go. You ready?

Me: * smiles * Ready as ever.

(I grab ahold of Jack’s hand and he transports us to the other side of the village. My eyes go wide as soon as they come upon the source of the ground shaking and noise making. Jack freezes beside me as his hand tights around my own.)

Jack: How the heck is that possible?

Me: Christmas magic?

(We stumble in place as the ground shakes below us. I stare up, my jaw dropping as I watch a giant gingerbread man make his way through the buildings on the edge of the village. He towers over everything and I suspect his height is at least forty feet. Several of the ninja elves are attacking it, but their shurikens just bury themselves into the gingerbread.)

Me: We need to stop it. It’s going to destroy the village.

Jack: Stay here, Brittany, I’m going to see what I can do to help. Don’t move.

Me: * nods * Be careful.

Jack: * teleports away *

Mysterious Voice: Finally.

Me: * whips around * Who’s there?

(The shadow elf and reindeer that tried to destroy the North Pole a few years ago jump down from a nearby roof, smirks on their faces. I take a step back, horror filling me as I realize why this is happening.)

Me: You.

Murray: Us. We told you we’d be back. It just took us a little longer than planned to come up with a good idea for the North Pole’s destruction. I hope you’re ready to tell the world that nobody will be getting presents ever again.

Lance: How entertaining will it be to watch this stupid little village fall to pieces by a symbol of the holidays? These gingerbread men will destroy the buildings one by one.

Me: Men? There’s only one. * points *

Lance: * laughs * Not for long. Give it a few minutes and the town will be surrounded. Nobody will be able to stop us.

Me: That’s what you think. We’ll find a way out of this. We always do.

Murray: You should learn that hope is worthless. Even your precious, little Jack won’t be able to stop the gingerbread men. He can’t help you this time around, darling.

Lance: Don’t you think it’s time for a little visit to ole Saint Nick? Time to say goodbye to the old man.

(A barrage of snow suddenly falls down on top of the two and I let out a shout of surprise. Anger fills their faces as they try to get out of their prison and fail in doing so.)

Jack: * sitting on the edge of a nearby roof * If I don’t get to call Santa an old man without him complaining, you sure as heck don’t get to call him that.
Me: Jack!

Jack: Thought I’d come check on you to make sure you actually stayed where you were supposed to. Didn’t think I’d find you here with these old friends of ours.

Me: It was a surprise to me, too. Jack, they said there are more of the gingerbread men coming to the village. They should be here at any moment.

Jack: * jumps down from the roof and walks over to where Murray and Lance are buried, only their heads sticking out from the white snow * How do we stop them?

Murray: * spits * You don’t.

Lance: * laughs * They’re indestructible.

Me: Jack, can’t you just freeze them? The gingerbread would get stiff – they wouldn’t be able to move.

Jack: What do you think I tried first? It didn’t work. The cold doesn’t seem to affect them.

(Tim, Rudolph, and a few of the ninja elves walk toward us from one of the outer streets. There is a grim look on all of their faces.)

Rudolph: These two again.

Lance: Fancy meeting you here, Red Nose.

Rudolph: * ignores Lance * I’m guessing they’re behind this.

Jack: Good guess.

Me: And they’ve apparently made them impervious to cold.

Tim: It also doesn’t help that the ninjas weapons are basically useless against them.

Lance: Like I said. Indestructible. The North Pole is doomed.

Me: That’s what you thought last time and it didn’t quite turn out how you planned.

Murray: No thanks to you.

(There is a loud noise in the distance and we turn to the left to see three more gingerbread men walking toward us just from outside the village. While their steps are slow, each one causes an eruption of snow into the air.)

Jack: I think it’s time to stop with the idle chit chat. Tell us how to stop them. Now.

Me: * falls to the ground and the ground shakes again * We don’t have time to play games with them. We need to focus on the gingerbread men. Sitting here having Murray and Lance talking in circles isn’t going to solve anything.

Tim: You’re right. Squad Three, let’s go.

(Tim and the ninjas disappear into the darkness, leaving Jack and I alone with Rudolph. There is more destruction in the distance and I flinch.)

Me: Jack, I’m going to go with Rudolph. Rudolph, are you okay with us doing some reconnaissance?

Rudolph: Sounds like a plan to me. We should probably get going.

Jack: Don’t let her do anything crazy. I’ll be keeping an eye on the two of you.

Me: Just make sure the other one is on the gingerbread men. Rudolph, let’s head out. * climbs on top of Rudolph *

Rudolph: * flies toward the first gingerbread men that appeared in the village * What’s our plan?

Me: I haven’t really thought past the part we’re currently at. Let’s fly around him and see if there’s anything worth noting.

Rudolph: I think their size is worth noting.

Me: I would say that’s already been noted, Rudolph. Goodness, can you imagine trying to climb that thing?

Rudolph: No.

Me: You’re no fun. Hey, looks like George went and grabbed some of the yetis. They’re working with the ninjas on the legs.

Rudolph: Too bad nobody is working on the arms. * dodges as the gingerbread man tries to hit us out of the air * See anything special?

Me: * goes to shake my head and then pauses * Wait. There’s something sticking out of the neck that is sparkling. We need to get closer.

Rudolph: * nods * Hold on tight.

(Rudolph takes us toward the neck, where a strange sphere is imbedded in the side of the gingerbread man. It glows a deep green and I feel a plan start to form in my head.)

Me: Rudolph, I am sure Jack would veto what I’m about to say, but he’s not here right now. You need to put me down on the should of the gingerbread man.

Rudolph: * shakes head * Not happening. I don’t want to die of frostbite when Jack finds out.

Me: He’ll be fine. Just set me down and we’ll be good. Seriously, this is the North Pole and Christmas that we’re talking about. We need to save it.

Rudolph: * sighs * Fine, but I’m getting you out of there in three minutes. Take it or leave it.

Me: I can work with that.

Rudolph: * flies close to the neck, dodging another arm, and drops me off on the shoulder *

Me: * steps closer to the strange sphere * Let’s see what you do.

(I grasp the sphere in my hands and start to pull it out of the gingerbread. It doesn’t budge. I plant a foot on the neck of the gingerbread man and brace myself, pulling against the sphere with all my might. Slowly, I am able to get it out and the green light disappears. A smile alights my face as the gingerbread man comes to a complete pause.)

Me: It worked! Rudolph, find Jack and let him know that we need to get rid of these spheres.

Rudolph: Will do. Climb on.

Me: * shakes my head * Don’t worry about me. You need to get to Jack. Just come back for me in a bit.

Rudolph: * leaves hesitantly *

(A few moments after Rudolph leaves, the gingerbread man begins to move. I cling to the side of it as my face pales. I’m not sure why my plan didn’t work when it had seemed to stop the gingerbread man in his tracks.

Murray: Looks like you found out you were wrong.

Me: What?! How did you get out of your prison?

Lance: You think we aren’t used to the snow? Jack Frost can’t hold us down. Especially when his focus is on other things.

Me: His focus may be on other things, but we’re pretty close to figuring out how to stop you.

Murray: Remember what I said about hope earlier?

Me: * standing up straight * I have even more hope now. You wouldn’t have come out here if I wasn’t close to figuring this out. This little sphere is more important than it looks. * waves the sphere in the air *

Lance: * flies towards me and tries to knock me off of the gingerbread man *

Me: * ducks and avoids Lance * You’re scared, aren’t you? That your plan is going to fail?

Murray: We’re not scared. The North Pole is going to be destroyed.

Me: So you say! But I can tell you it’s not going to happen. * holds sphere out * What happens if this breaks?

Murray: * smirks * Absolutely nothing.

Me: * frowns * What?

Lance: Why don’t you try it and see if we’re lying?

Jack: * suddenly transports beside me * They’re not lying. I’ve already tried it. What did I tell you about not doing anything crazy?

Me: This is definitely not crazy, Jack. What’s crazy is that breaking this stupid sphere doesn’t stop the giant gingerbread men rampaging on Santa’s village.

Murray: The North Pole is just the beginning.

Jack: * holds up another sphere, but this one is glowing bright white * No, it ends here. I realized right away what these are.

Me: * glances at the sphere curiously * What are they, Jack?

Jack: They’re infused with magic. Once they attach to the gingerbread man, it slowly leaks the magic into the creature and brings it to life. The magic can’t get out, so getting rid of the sphere doesn’t do anything.

Me: And that’s helpful, how?

Jack: Because it can be infused with a different magic. And that magic can take over the poison already inside the gingerbread men. * places sphere into the neck of the gingerbread man *

Murray and Lance: * shout in frustration * No!

Gingerbread Man: * freezes and begins to crumble underneath our feet *

Me: Jaaaaaack.

Jack: Hold on! * grabs ahold of my wrist and transports us to a different gingerbread man *

(Jack takes the sphere out of my hand, pouring his own magic into it. A moment later he hands it back to me and I shove it into the gingerbread. Once again, the creature begins to crumble underneath us. We do this until all of the gingerbread men have been destroyed. However, along with the gingerbread men lay the destroyed homes along the outskirts of Santa’s Village.)

Me: We were too late…

Jack: We may not have saved all of it, but we put a stop to the destruction before everything could be destroyed.

Me: The toy vault?! Do you think they got to it?

Jack: * shakes head * No, they started on the wrong side of the village for that. I think we should be on track to continue Christmas. But let’s go find Santa and see if anything else needs to be done. * transports us *

Santa: Jack! Brittany! You’ve made it back. Thank you for your help.
Me: It’s the least we could do. But will everything be okay? Is Christmas still on?

Santa: * nods * Yes, we’ll be able to continue as planned. Mrs. Claus will work on getting the village back to its normal state. With a bit of Christmas magic, all will be fine.

Me: * sighs in relief * I’m so glad to hear that.

Jack: * nods * Murray and Lance didn’t win this time.

Me: What happened to them? Did they get away?

Tim: * nods * Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture them. But we’ll be prepared.

Me: Hopefully we don’t have to deal with them for a long time.

Jack: I would agree with that sentiment.

Santa: Let’s stop thinking about the bad of what could be and start thinking about the near future! It’s time to get some presents to good children. Rudolph, everyone, let’s get set up!

Jack: Have fun, Santa. Merry Christmas!

Santa: Merry Christmas!

Jack: Brittany, are you ready to head home?

Me: * nods * I think I am definitely ready after tonight’s adventure.

(Jack transports me back to my parent’s home after that, where Pepper awaits me anxiously outside. We say our goodbyes and then Jack is gone. I’ve headed inside now, a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and Christmas music playing in the background. While we didn’t get to finish celebrations at the North Pole, I am more than excited to celebrate at home with my family. Everyone, have a Merry Christmas and maybe don’t leave any gingerbread men out for Santa this year.)

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