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I Have a Problem

on January 26, 2017

And it’s called shopping.

I swear, these semi-annuals are going to be the death of me. Well, at least the death of my bank account.

While I can’t say that my wallet hasn’t left the mall unscathed, I can say my battle wounds are worth showing off. I’ve grabbed some super cutes clothes for spectacular deals – and I mean spectacular.

Some of my favorites so far have been:

  • Altar’d State: 70% off of sale prices. I will say that this is where I work part-time, which is probably why half of my closet is Altar’d State, but the semi-annual sale is my favorite time of the year. Nothing beats 70% off of cute clothes already on sale!
  • White House | Black Market: Currently 50% off of sale. I’ve grabbed some of the cutest things this past week from there – one being the super cute blouse with exaggerated sleeves (see post here on Inbetween Thoughts) and another being the below silver skirt. It ended up being just $35 after all the discounts were applied!
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.42.24 PM.png

Shop the look here

  • Dillards: Extra 30% of sales for members – though, I think they might be opening it up to the public eventually (I’m not sure how that usually goes. My mom has a card, so she lets me know when it’s members only. Thanks, Mom!). Grabbed the CUTEST pair of Giani Bini Mary Jane heels. Just in time – my current pair are falling apart and I needed a good replacement. I’ll be sure to show these off in future posts, or at least on my Instagram.
  • BCBG: There’s no additional percentage off right now, but there are still some great deals.
  • Teavana: Because what’s better than getting holiday-only tea for 30%? You can bet I stocked up enough White Chocolate Peppermint to last me until next winter.

Honestly, those are all the ones I’ve shopped at recently, but there are so many stores finishing up with their sales (and a few that have ended). My wallet can’t take much more damage, but I love getting to see a good deal.

What about you, dear reader? Have you found any spectacular sales that you’re willing to share with us? Please comment below! We’d love to hear!


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