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Straighten Your Crown

on March 15, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.03.27 PM


Sometimes bad things happen that you weren’t expecting. And maybe, even if you had an idea it was going to occur, you still felt blindsided when it actually happened.

Maybe in the aftermath, as you are staring wide-eyed at the knife you’ve pulled out of you, blood drip drop dripping from the blade, you start to realize that the small sliver of hope you’d been holding onto wasn’t strong enough without the other person holding onto it.

Maybe you hadn’t even been holding on that tightly anymore.

Maybe hope had slipped away a long time ago and you forgot you were wielding a blade of your own.

But now it’s time to set that blade down. Sew your wounds shut. Hold your head up and adjust your crown. Push through the pain because you have greater things to face.

You were meant to rule the world. So don’t you dare give up until you are on your throne. Build that empire. Adventure awaits.

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