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Allegany Randomosity

So, I have some friends – yes, I have friends! – that I have a different blog with. It’s full of little quirky things about us and updates about our lives and things we think are interesting. We don’t write in it quite that often, but you may get a kick out of some of our posts. It is with this expectation, then, that I’ve decided to tell you about it and give you the link to the page.

The title of our blog is Allegany Randomosity. Allegany is a play on our names – though, it’s not a very correct play on our names. It’s close, though. Allegany.

  • All: Alyssa
  • eg: Meagan
  • any: Brittany

So, yes, mine is the only name that really matches our combined group name. But it still works! You all have to admit that (I hope!).

The Randomosity part comes from the fact that we can be really random and weird and a little funny. Take a look. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? I think you might end up liking it a bit. If not, you can just stick to my blog (which I’m assuming, since you are looking at it, you like).

Ze Web Link of Awesomeness:

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