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Beating a Winter Cold

Because just having colder weather isn’t enough, there has to be a sickness that’s easy to catch.

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, it’s important to take care of yourself – especially with the busy holiday season and the stress of having to buy the perfect presents for all your loved ones (and maybe the stress of having to deal with some of those people?).

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 9.59.40 PM.png

Luckily, tea seems to be have plenty of health benefits to help fend off a cold. The above Seasonal Sampler has some really delicious teas and has some really good health benefits. Definitely try out the Echinacea Plus! I’m also a big fan of my White Chocolate Peppermint tea from Teavana. Not only does it help with congestion, but it’s perfect for the winter season.

My symptoms started last week, so I’m hoping this stage of feeling horrible won’t last too much longer. I’ve maintained a good medicine schedule (since yesterday) and am trying to increase my intake of water to flush out all the nasty toxins in my body.

For those of you fighting off a cold or other sickness, please make sure you are taking care of yourself and I hope you get well soon!

P.S. My friends and I just started this amazing lifestyle blog: Inbetween Thoughts. Please check it out and follow us over there! If you want to see my content over there, just keep a lookout for my posts on Mondays (this week is my second post!).

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Black Friday and It’s Terror on Wallets

It continues. Another year passes and, once again, Black Friday has claimed millions of dollars. Our wallets lay flat and lifeless in our pockets, while we are weighed down by the many items we have purchased. Is that crack the sound of my back breaking?

Okay, but more seriously, I really am feeling the dent in my bank account from just last night’s adventures – and that was all before 9 PM on Thursday. This is my first year seriously doing Black Friday and I’m wondering the consequences of my decisions.

I won’t complain – despite the long lines, I got some pretty useful items for my kitchen, hair products that I’ve been meaning to get for many a month, and a five-foot teddy bear I’ve wanted for years that I have absolutely no regrets getting. He was only $20, guys. He was worth it.


Isn’t he just adorable?! I’ve been wanting one since we had to put our Korean Jindo down a few years ago. His name was Beau, but we’d call him Beau Bear. Thus, began my search for the perfect bear to name Beau. He’ll watch over me along with my giant stuffed giraffe, Aerrow, named after my dog that we had to put down ahead of Beau. 

Today begins round two. My mother and I ventured out to Walmart, Ulta (dangerous and beautiful territory), and Target last night. Our target today? Definitely the mall.

I’m excited to see what other deals are going on – especially for some of the sports bras at Victoria’s Secrets – but I cringe at the thought of spending more money. I still have to do Christmas shopping for friends and family. Can I just win the lottery now?

Have you done any Black Friday shopping this year, readers? What are your favorite deals? Please share and comment below. We’d love to hear!

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Happy Halloween!


Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo ’16 and I am psyched for it to arrive. The above costume is a character that I’m going to add into my novel and on the way into work this morning (all 50 minutes of the drive), I came up with a tragic backstory and novel idea for this mischievous sorceress. Don’t mess with her. You won’t like the results.

Her name is Evelyn, but she likes to go by Evie. She’s not a main character in my NaNo. I’m just incorporating her into it for now. She’ll also appear in another story that I plan to write after this month. The exciting part for her comes after, where the main characters of the first two stories go on a journey and end up realizing that she is the person they are trying to find.

Thankfully, she likes them.

Aside from the fun character inspirations, today was a lot of fun! Several of my coworkers dressed up for Halloween and we had a costume contest. I tied for first (even though I was kind of in charge of counting votes, HR did it with me so it was not rigged!).

While I wish I could have gone out to some celebratory parties downtown for the night, it’s been fun staying in and just relaxing. The cleaning I told myself was going to happen was strangely absent (or not).

How about you, dear reader? Feel free to share your Halloween day stories and let us know what your costume was!

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Exercise Fever

Day 2 of my exercise fever: includes pain, sweat, and agony. Topped off with a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Okay, so maybe my workout isn’t that extreme. But this beginner is definitely in pain from the few things I’ve done. Where I lack muscles now, I’ll soon have some to protect my weak bones.

I’ve been starting off my exercise time with about 30-60 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve been a little cautious going to fast on this, mostly because of my weak knees. In my experience, overdoing it can cause immense pain for a few days and nobody likes that. However, I think I’ll steadily build myself up to running longer and longer (got two minutes in today!).

After throwing a few arm lifts and leg presses into the mix, I head back to my apartment for about 15-20 minutes of ab exercises (thanks Youtube). As I said before, it’s not a lot but it’s been fairly effective these couple of days that I’ve been doing them.

Either that or I’m the weakest human on the planet.

It’s been pretty exciting exercising and feeling like I’ve accomplished something afterward. It also helps that I have a few motivators to push me through. I’m talking to you, flab of tummy and bridesmaid dress that barely zips up. And maybe even you the 10 pounds that appeared out of nowhere.

I’m hoping working towards a flat stomach and strengthening my body overall will help me in the long run.

More news to come as I’ve pursued these endeavors a little longer. Until then, feel free to share any exercise routines you’ve found particularly helpful. I’d love to give them a try!

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The Big Clean

It’s official, dear readers. I’m currently obsessed with social media.

The one good thing I can say for me is that it’s really causing me to clean up and reevaluate myself. What do I need? What do I not need?

Unfortunately, my hoarding habits don’t die easily. I have definitely made some progress in organizing everything and making it neater. My next goals are to create a “backdrop” for videos – make a pretty background that I change on a weekly basis. I have a friend coming over tomorrow and she’s going to help me in brainstorming that.

After that is to organize my closet – and I’ll be honest, it needs a LOT of organizing. My closet is overflowing. This is both a good and a bad thing. I have cute clothes and accessories, but not enough storage for them. Oops.


Please note I also have a wardrobe in my actual bedroom. One of the things I need to do is organize my dresses and find a place for my fancy hats… 

When I make more money, I’ll move into an apartment with a bigger closet (future husband, I hope you don’t own much). 

So, thank you current obsession, for helping me do what I should have done when I moved in to this apartment half a year ago. Maybe I’ll be able to present it for a one year rentaversary in August.

Any of you have the sudden urge to clean everything out recently? Do you have any organizational tips, dear readers? Feel free to share or comment below!

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Becoming Queen


I am a Queen.

No, not true-blue royalty. As amazing as that would be, I’m talking purely about my life and the owner of it.

Every decision I make affects my entire life. That’s a lot of responsibility.


So, in order to act like the Queen I am and bring a bit more meaning to my life, I have some changes that I feel I need to work towards. There’s a lot and it’s going to take a while, but I think I’ll be able to get it done.

So expect some changes. This blog will be a bit different. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I’m really going to be working toward my goals.

What are they? Glad you asked.

  • Fashion: As my adventure card reading stated on New Year’s, 2016 is when I’m going to focus on building my personal style and taking more interest in fashion overall. While it could be said that I’m recently obsessing over this because of said adventure reading (and possibly a Jane By Design marathon), this was all going to happen eventually. Working at Altar’d State part-time has really helped me grow my interest in clothing and fashion overall.
  • Writing: Be it blog, novel, short-story, fanfic – I’m going to learn how to write again. And it’s going to be awesome. Hopefully. Let me know if it’s not, so I can work on fixing it.
  • Music: This is going to be more of a challenge. After I buy my violin bow, I really want to focus on developing my skills here and one day mastering the violin. Yeah, I’ve harped on this a lot before, but I need to get this done. I can’t sit around saying I’m going to do it and be just talk.
  • Social Media: I want to go into marketing. I want to learn about marketing. And social media is kind of important. Thus, all of my beautiful social media accounts will get to see me more this year. This also includes posting more YouTube videos as a second part to my blog.

Okay, so there’s a lot more. Working on my confidence is a big must as well. Going on adventures and having fun at events in Austin. And networking. Lots of networking. I want to meet people and learn from them and become a better person because of it.

And just know that this isn’t a list that all Kings and Queens need to focus on. I just feel like it’s something that I need to work on: appearance, confidence, inner circle, and communication with the world around me.

So, that’s me and that’s where I’m heading. I’m steadily going to fill the role of Queen Brittany and rule my life accordingly, with head high and a smile on my face. We only get one life, so why not live it without regrets?

So, fellow Kings and Queens, how do you want to live your life?

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Goodbye, 2015

Bring it on, 2016.

While I can’t say that this was an absolutely terrible year, I am looking forward to starting fresh in 2016. A lot of things happened this year to help me progress in growing myself and becoming a “real” adult: got my own apartment, made it one year through my first full-time job out of college, dealt with bills and refinancing my stupid student loans, etc. I also got to go to Disney and went on a business trip in Florida. Got a second job.

On my list of New Year’s resolutions, I only maybe completed one – vacation and travel. And it was really only because of the business trip I went on. I really don’t want that to be the case next year. I don’t want to make resolutions that I forget about or give up on. So, in order to make next year more manageable, I’ve decided to take something from the goal planning assignments I had in college: make it measurable.

  • Write one chapter or 5,000 words a week (whichever is more manageable at the time)
  • Write one blog post each week (and more, if I can)
  • Learn to play one new song on my violin each month
  • Learn two new words each day (in other languages)
  • Have at least two Youtube videos to put up each month
  • Make 25 new contacts in Austin and elsewhere that I keep in touch with
  • Read at least three books a month
  • Spend an hour each week learning calligraphy

The list will grow, I’m sure. Of course, there are other things I want to do: travel again, learn to spend less money, get a job where I don’t have to work two jobs to pay all my bills, volunteer, be healthy, etc. Those are things that I really should be working on anyway and shouldn’t be a New Years resolution.

For some reason, I feel like 2016 is going to bring us some fantastic things. This will be our year.

So, dear readers, what about you? Feel free to share your resolutions (or methods to coming up with them) and hopes for the new year.


The End of the Beginning

I have recently moved out from the world’s most terrible apartment complex (complaints to come at a later date) and into my own little abode in a beautiful apartment complex that actually cares about its residents. A nice change, I would say.

There have been many changes lately. Living on my own has come with its own consequences – higher bills (which we would all agree are the worst), seconds jobs, lots of quiet time, and have I mentioned higher bills?

While I wouldn’t say that my current standing in life is the most sought after, I would say that I’m not doing too bad. Yes, I have to work extra now to make ends meet, but the sense of independence and ability to focus on my goals are worth the negatives. I’m totally enjoying life.

And now that I have all of this time to myself (minus the time I spend at work), I want to focus on developing myself and actually reaching some of the goals I have set for myself. I figure if I put an hour or so aside each day, maybe I can meet some progress.

I also hope to write more – on here, on tumblr, in the stories that fill a file on my computer. Maybe even something on Wattpad. Who knows? What I do know is that I’m gonna go somewhere. I’m gonna complete a story someday and it’s gonna be freakin’ awesome (let me dream, okay?).

I’m also going to work on learning more tongues, figuring out how to do different hairstyles, and making food that is actually worth looking forward to eating. Yup, I’m going to become a pro chef (or as much of you can become with a box of pasta and some marinara sauce).

So, lovely readers, expect some extra awesome posts from me in the future (hopefully near future) and keep enjoying life. No matter what it throws at you, something good is always going to happen. That’s my philosophy anyway.

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Not yet, but I’ll be moving soon.

I’m pretty excited, because I’m going to get to decorate everything the way I want it. The only thing I don’t like – I don’t have the money to buy all of the things I’ll want/need. Luckily, I’m going to be getting a couch set for free and don’t have to worry about that. I’m going to have to get a second job, but it’ll be worth it. I just wish that I’d be able to spend more time at home since I’ll be paying so much to live there.

Can I just be rich yet?

Goals for the next month:

  • Look for a new part-time job, preferably something that won’t put too much stress on my knees
  • Work on my book – and actually get somewhere with it
  • Start planning new content for blog and Youtube videos (maybe work towards monetizing vlog, just for the few extra dollars)
  • Do well in Walking Works competition for my job; don’t overdo it and hurt my knees
  • Focus on staying healthy and not spending a lot of money; only purchase the necessities

Being an adult is stressful and maybe too much work sometimes, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. I’m just on a stepping stone and I’ll get to where I need to be in good time, where I finally won’t have to worry about anything and can just enjoy life.

So, readers, while I have no words of great advice, I come to you to ask for your opinions and thoughts. Do you have any advice for me?

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Giraffe Obsession


It’s gotten bad and I don’t think I’ll ever recover.

It all started out as a joke, to be honest. In 2009, I joined a website called the Young Writers Society (changed my life, that website did). One of the welcomers told me to watch out for giraffes. Being the young writer that I was, my creativity got the best of me and short stories and fanfics were written.

Then I got a cute Ty beanie baby, one of the plushes with the bulging eyes and cartoon cuteness, and claimed it my creative muse.

Somehow, in the midst of all of this, the giraffe became immortalized in my heart. My adoration grew and grew and grew…

Now I have a four foot tall giraffe in my room, a onesie, pictures, multiple plushies and pillows – you can’t look a certain direction in my room without glimpsing something spotted in the corner of your eye.

I am not ashamed of my obsession for this glorious animal. I share it with you. Love the giraffe and any other glorious animal you claim as your favorite. This obsession can only be unhealthy when it starts involving my wallet and there can’t be too much wrong with that.

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