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OOTD: Simple and Chic

May is starting up to be a whirlwind of a month. Work has been crazy busy and my calendar has majorly filled up through mid-June. Though, it’s no surprise since this month involves Austin Fashion week from May 13th – 21st (more on that next week), my birthday, holidays and weddings, and planning for my first […]

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Trend Alert: Off the Shoulder

I am a huge fan of the off the shoulder trend – but I’m definitely still growing my confidence in wearing them.

That’s why you can see me sporting this lightweight cardigan with my super earthy outfit (most definitely Saphire Approved!).


While it does a good job at hiding my back and shoulders, it still doesn’t take away from the overall effect of the outfit.

However, it’s a bit too big on me and tends to slightly fall off. Which I was fine with, because it let me get away with wearing the off the shoulder just enough to where I could it could grow on me.


Let’s talk about the top itself! It’s actually a bodysuit that I got from Altar’d State (see link here). Super cute and I just love the ruffle – it’s definitely my style. Green is one of my favorite colors. Fortunately, it goes really well with my hair color, which is a good plus in this case.

The skirt is just absolutely FAB. It’s a patchwork of suede and leather, all in gorgeous earth tones.


As I said, this outfit is definitely Saphire approved – this earth Guardian is in love with every piece of it (though, I definitely wouldn’t wear it to battle).

That being said, I’m definitely going to work on getting more into this off the shoulder trend and starting to pop the colors a bit more as we get into spring. It is definitely a great way to enjoy some nice, cool weather and look super chic when going out!

What are your thoughts on this fun trend, dear readers? Do you have a favorite outfit that you wear? Please share and comment below!


By the way, I went on an absolutely fantastic trip this past Friday to the San Antonio Zoo where I got to FEED A GIRAFFE. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m “mildly” obsessed with these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, I can’t share the video on my post, but you can take a look at it here. It was the highlight of the entire week.


I Have a Problem

And it’s called shopping.

I swear, these semi-annuals are going to be the death of me. Well, at least the death of my bank account.

While I can’t say that my wallet hasn’t left the mall unscathed, I can say my battle wounds are worth showing off. I’ve grabbed some super cutes clothes for spectacular deals – and I mean spectacular.

Some of my favorites so far have been:

  • Altar’d State: 70% off of sale prices. I will say that this is where I work part-time, which is probably why half of my closet is Altar’d State, but the semi-annual sale is my favorite time of the year. Nothing beats 70% off of cute clothes already on sale!
  • White House | Black Market: Currently 50% off of sale. I’ve grabbed some of the cutest things this past week from there – one being the super cute blouse with exaggerated sleeves (see post here on Inbetween Thoughts) and another being the below silver skirt. It ended up being just $35 after all the discounts were applied!
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.42.24 PM.png

Shop the look here

  • Dillards: Extra 30% of sales for members – though, I think they might be opening it up to the public eventually (I’m not sure how that usually goes. My mom has a card, so she lets me know when it’s members only. Thanks, Mom!). Grabbed the CUTEST pair of Giani Bini Mary Jane heels. Just in time – my current pair are falling apart and I needed a good replacement. I’ll be sure to show these off in future posts, or at least on my Instagram.
  • BCBG: There’s no additional percentage off right now, but there are still some great deals.
  • Teavana: Because what’s better than getting holiday-only tea for 30%? You can bet I stocked up enough White Chocolate Peppermint to last me until next winter.

Honestly, those are all the ones I’ve shopped at recently, but there are so many stores finishing up with their sales (and a few that have ended). My wallet can’t take much more damage, but I love getting to see a good deal.

What about you, dear reader? Have you found any spectacular sales that you’re willing to share with us? Please comment below! We’d love to hear!


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Glam Looks for the New Years Party Season — Inbetween Thoughts

We’ve just passed Christmas (unfortunately) and it’s time to dust off the dirt of 2016 in order to prepare for the New Year. I’m sure we can all agree this year was a little too crazy, but we can all dream of a better tomorrow, right? Before finalizing our resolutions for 2017, it’s time to […]

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Oh My Winter!

As the cold starts to creep into our homes, we can finally say that Texas is seeing its first signs of winter. Hallelujah, it exists!

Okay, so it’s just down to the 40s and 50s, but that’s winter enough for me. I love getting to pull out my winter clothes and layer up – leggings, scarves, cute jackets. Perhaps the cold is not my favorite part, but I love the chance to wear as much as I can and know I’m not going to die from the heat in a few hours (or minutes).


My new favorite winter piece is this new, long trench coat that I bought from Altar’d State. It’s just absolutely adorable and has the softest faux fur – not to mention the hood on it is removable. I honestly had to take it off when I got to work because it was so hot inside, but I think I’ll be wearing this to some outdoor festivities I have planned soon.


This outfit I wore a few weeks ago to my part time job, but I think it’s perfect for any holiday soirees that you might have planned. The dress is one of my absolute favorites and I love getting the opportunity to wear it, and not just for the sparkles. Mixed with the faux fur coat and pearl necklace – I felt a bit like a celebrity in this outfit.

There are many more outfits to come – and hopefully a real photo shoot to show them off. In the meantime, I’ll be playing with all my winter accessories and trying to keep warm.


Gloves, scarves, and hats… oh, my!

Feel free to comment with some of your winter outfits, dear readers. I’d love to learn what fun ways you are keeping fashionable and warm this winter!


People Will Stare

people will strae.jpg

I posted this quote on my Instagram earlier this week and I just wanted to give it some extra attention just because it speaks to me so much. I feel that it holds truth no matter where you are at – school, business, fashion, book club, etc.

People are going to stare. Maybe not stare in the literal sense. But they will look at you and they will judge you.

Daunting words, I know, but unfortunately this is the way that our world has become.

Are you kind enough? Bold enough? Wearing nice clothes? A leader? Do you fit the societal standards that have been placed upon all of us?

There are several ways to respond to this. You can either relinquish a piece of yourself or you can be unabashed, stand tall, and make it worth their while.

If someone is going to stare, give them a reason to. Be proud of who you are. Show off your fun style, your confident and unique personality, and just be you. You are beautiful and the world deserves to know that.

So, dear readers, what I want you to take away from my blog post today is this: Go out into the world and show them all what makes you so great. And when the end of the day comes and they’re still staring, ask them this – Like what you see?

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White House | Black Market

Let’s talk about this.

I’m addicted. Seriously.

I can’t say that half of my clothes are White House | Black Market, as I have too many clothes for one single brand to constitute a majority of it, but I can say that all my important work clothes are definitely WHBM.


First Day of Work; I honestly feel like a model every time I wear this skirt. It’s just perfect!

I mean, how can one not be obsessed with something that is professional, fashionable, and absolutely gorgeous?

White House | Black Market is captivating in its chic and flawless pieces. Their clothing provides a sense of empowerment, something that every woman – and man – should feel when they dress for work.

(As a side note, though, you should feel empowered wearing whatever you want and whatever style screams you. That is what dressing is all about. Expressing your inner self and showing the world how amazing you are.)


I wore this to my first orientation at the school. A great first impression for the incoming students.

I fully recommend checking out this brand if you want some extra-nice clothes for work (or even just to wear whenever you want!). They may be a little pricey but they fit the bill – their clothes have personality while allowing you to show your inner lioness to the world.


My newest outfit – and one of my favorites.

Now we can move past this. For now.

You can visit their website here, if you want to peek at their selection. They have some great sales, just saying!

What do you think, my lovely readers? Yes or no? Advice on fashionable office wear that you are addicted to?

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