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The Fall Semester

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be graduated and done with school for now. But, in all seriousness, did any of us think that I was going to not do anything in regards to school?

I’m taking a screenwriting course, which should be fun because I’ve always wanted to learn to write a script. I actually have to write a 20-page script by the end of the semester and I’m excited to see how that will turn out.

Additionally, the journal for the symposium I presented at last semester extended its due date for submissions, so I am still able to submit my research. This means I’ve been learning about corporate taxes for almost a year, so the information is pretty much embedded in my head. I’m working on that currently, changing a few things and updating the information.

I feel like I’m still at St. Ed’s a little because of it and I kind of fangirl a little. Yes, I fangirl over a university. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But what is taking up most of my time at the moment? Waiting.

Waiting for my job to start. Since Apple contacted me telling me that they did in fact want me for the position, I have been extremely excited to get started. It will be a contract job, which is honestly still a blessing and honor, but I have a delay period until the job is approved. I still have 2-4 weeks until the delay should be over and I keep hoping they tell me sooner that they want me to start.

Waiting is so boring. Especially when you’re excited to get started.

Plus, I want to move in officially to my apartment with my friends and start this new life of mine.

But patience is a virtue and I shall continue waiting patiently. Or, at least as patiently as I can.

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School’s Back…. And so am I!

Ah, school. While some may not enjoy those fresh, new (text)books and the chatter of students around them, I find returning to school an absolute joy. I know, I know – I’m a little strange. But for some reason I’ve always adored going to school. I mean, my child self wouldn’t stay home sick even though my mother wanted me to, but would go home when my teacher said to. A little strange, right?

It’s still a shame that the summer has ended, though not a big deal for me. I didn’t really get much of a break this year (not that I have had a real summer in a while). Between work and my two online courses, I kept pretty busy. Don’t worry, I did manage to hang out with friends and laze about in my room scrolling through tumblr for hours… but that doesn’t really account for a super adventure in an alternate universe or even across the country!

This year is definitely going to be interesting at school, though. I’m finally a senior (in the wise words of London Tipton “Yay, me!”) and I’ll be doing a lot in preparation for my entry into the real world. I have Capstone this semester (I’ll be dying under mountains of research toward the end of this semester), an internship to take in the spring (I’m excited for this one!), and a whole load of classes to teach me the skills and knowledge I’ll hopefully need in the real world. I am working this semester – as a student worker in HR on campus and as a personal assistant to a really awesome person in town. With all of this stuff going on, it looks like my planner will once again be the love of my life this year. Sorry, boys.

Good luck to everyone with the new school year and also good luck to everyone who is out of school. You all deserve a great year, no matter where you are. Keep reaching for your dreams, try your best at everything you do, and enjoy life.

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Print Versus Electronic

Technology has boosted education into the limelight. There are so many ways to learn different things – online courses, videos on varying websites (but especially YouTube), video games, etc. Soon enough we’ll be learning from hologram teachers and having textbooks downloaded straight into our minds. But we’re not at that stage yet and we still have to adapt to online textbooks.

As a booklover, I’ve always held a prejudice against electronic books. You can’t feel the pages in your hands, breathe in the stories from the paper, or carry it around with you to show off to the world. Sure, you can carry it around on your Nook or Kindle, but it’s not the same at all. What happens if the entire Internet goes down or the home system is messed with by a virus? It’s gone then. While these thoughts don’t apply so much for textbooks, I still think that the paper version is much better. It’s easier to flip through pages and mark important pieces of information. Using the electronic version entails pressing buttons and waiting for the page to load up. Flipping through the pages of a physical textbook is just that – flipping through the pages.

I’ve had several classes where my textbook has an online version. Sure, it’s okay when I know exactly what page and what information I need to look at, but I still find myself consulting the printed text when I need to do hardcore searching for information. It’s easier.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think I have the right mindset. Don’t get me wrong, technology is great. I absolutely love it. But there are just some things that the electronic version of life can’t replace and I’m dead set on the idea that books in paper should remain that way. Sorry, trees.

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Begging for Votes isn’t too Shameless is it?

I mean, I stopped feeling bad about it a while ago. Especially when these lovely votes I need are for a lovely scholarship that I NEED. College is expensive, especially at a private four-year institute, and it’s been difficult for me to obtain scholarships outside of the few that I am getting from my school. All in all, I still need around $20,000 for school next year and I have no idea how I am going to do that. There are loans, of course, but my parents aren’t too excited about co-signing for that again. I mean, it is a LOT of money.

My journey through scholarship websites and writing essays has not been fun. When would it be? I’ve applied for dozens of scholarships, and though they aren’t all majorly huge, I haven’t won any, any at all, outside of St. Edward’s University. I’m starting to feel a little disappointed in myself – mostly because I probably haven’t applied to as many as there are out there, but partly because I’m starting to feel like I’m not a good essay writer. I mean, I’m not the best, but it would be nice to see some funds starting to come in for school. I’m super stressed out about financial aide and figuring out money issues; it’s my last year in college and I really shouldn’t be so stressed out about money instead of grades and figuring out my career afterward.

The newest scholarship I am working on is for Wyzant, a tutoring website. It’s pretty cool and the scholarship amount is even more awesome: $10,000. There is a catch to this scholarship, though – votes. The most votes gets to go into the finals and win an amount of money. I’m not sure how some of my competitors got 17,000+ votes (unless they are tumblr famous or something), but I do want to win. So, I’m turning to you.

Please vote. Or share the the link. Or both. Anything will help and I would really appreciate it.

The link to my page on the website:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and vote for me! You are extremely awesome. 😀


Japanese Toilets and End of Semester

ImageThat, my lovely readers, is a picture of the Japanese-style toilets that I was introduced to while on my trip over Spring Break. Most of the girls did not use them, and did not want to. It’s different, not something that Americans are used to. I mean, seriously, would you want to squat and use that?

In all actuality, I liked them. It removes the worry of what germs you are sitting on and what you are going to sit in altogether. Plus, because everyone didn’t want to use them, I usually got to go to the front of the line instead of waiting behind everyone. Definitely a plus.

You’re probably wondering why I brought up the Japanese toilet. I have no idea, actually. I saw the picture and thought I should share. But there’s no real reason.

It’s getting to the end of the semester and I am definitely starting to get bogged down on homework. I have a lot of major presentations coming up (in addition to papers that go with them), papers for other courses, a few tests, my friends’ wedding is this weekend (and I can’t wait to finally see them say their vows!), I need to find some financial aide for next year, and I  still have to find a job for the summer. It’s needless to say that I am starting to get a little stressed. I have way too much on my mind, and thinking just makes me stress more. I’m sorry to rant about these things – I’m sure you have a ton of things to do as well. Just know that I am feeling you and I hope that it all goes okay. If you get too stressed, we can cry together and feel the ocean with our tears.

I think that was one of the reasons Japan was so amazing. I didn’t have anything to worry about there. I was in another country, which sort of felt like I was taken out of my life and put into another one. It was literally an adventure, and I hope you all know how much I love me some adventures (especially with magic and action and romance, though I’m still waiting for that to happen to me). My time there sort of represents procrastination and adventure and wonder. So, if we use logical reasoning, we can come to the conclusion that the floor toilet represents procrastination and adventure and wonder.

Lucky toilet, huh?

Good luck to everyone with the end of the semester. I’ll still be posting, but I figure I might as well say it now before we all get into our projects and studying and research. Make sure that you still put some time aside for yourself. Nothing is worse than studying without taking a break and letting your brain breathe a little.

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I’m Back! :)

First of all, I want to note that I am still alive.

Second, I apologize for not keeping up with my daily posts for the March of Happiness and for not updating more quickly. It has been hectic and I had no time while I was in Japan to do anything at all with regard to my blog. I am finally getting some time to sit down and write a post, in which I do realize that I have a lot to catch up on.

First of all, to March of Happiness. I was going to try and set up the posts before I left for Spring Break, but I was so bogged down by schoolwork and travel preparation that I was unable to do that. Instead, I’ll make a list now and let you see all that has made me happy since the last time I posted on her.

  • Day 8: Music
  • Day 9: Safe Flights
  • Day 10: Japan
  • Day 11: Beppu Hot Springs
  • Day 12: Tea Ceremony
  • Day 13: Shopping
  • Day 14: Travel
  • Day 15: Hello Kitty
  • Day 16: Freedom
  • Day 17: St. Edward’s
  • Day 18: Sleep
  • Day 19: Clockwork Princess
  • Day 20: Japanese Food
  • Day 21: Chinese Food
  • Day 22: Warmth

I’ll give you some better posts for the rest of the month, so please bear with me as I continue to post about March.

Next, Japan. There are no words that can appropriately say how wonderful Japan is. I really enjoyed my week spent there. While we were eternally busy  – half of the day with school-planned activities and then half of the day hanging with our Buddies (students from the school there) – it was great to be involved in so many things. We went on business trips (got to see Nissan cars being built!), did cultural activities (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, meditation, etc.), shopping (they have amazing malls, bee tee dubs – mall plus a grocery store installed!), and lots of food experimenting. I had been extremely nervous about the food at first; when you think of Japanese food, fish and shellfish is the first thing you probably think of (I mean, sushi, hellooooo). Dead wrong. There’s so much good food – real ramen, cucumber sushi, beef sushi, miso soup, rice, banana ice cream crepes (those were heaven!)… The list goes on. Korean food – totally there, too. I didn’t realize that Korean Barbecue has metal chopsticks. Those are the coolest! And the Buddies, the students from APU that went to events and other things with us, were absolutely amazing. I made some wonderful friends. Also, let me tell you that there is a theme park called Harmonyland outside of Beppu. Guess what the theme park is for? Hello Kitty. Yeah, you read that correctly. HELLO. KITTY. Honestly, that theme park was way more amazing than I was thinking. And so much Hello Kitty.

Needless to say, I had a great time in Japan. I cried several times because I had to say goodbye to my new friends and goodbye to the country. I really hope that I get the chance to travel again someday, and definitely to Beppu – or Japan in general. If you get the chance to go there, definitely grab that chance and take it. Travel. Even if it’s not Japan. Travel where you can.

Did anyone else have a good Spring Break? Or relaxing? I hope you did! Please, feel free to share the adventures you went on over the break.


The Perks of Being a University Student… and the Non-Perks


St. Edward’s University is probably – no, it is the best thing that has happened to me. There is no probably. People always tell you that college will be the best part of your life, that you need to move off to a university and partake in the wonderful experiences that it will throw your way. You might just shrug it off at first. I mean, life is pretty good right now.

And that’s true. But it gets better – and that is something that is pretty wow. 

I can’t not say enough how wonderful transferring to St. Edward’s has been to me. I’ve gone through a lot of life-changing experiences: learning about friendship (which involves losing old friends and making new ones that I’ll keep for life), being involved in an awesome class assignment that involves a consulting project, finishing a NaNoWriMo in about 20 days, learning to live away from my family, being involved with organizations I didn’t have the time before, getting the chance to have an internship, and so so much more. The opportunities and experiences are endless.

So, I hope you can understand when I say that I am nervous for next year. I really want to continue attending the university, but there is the issue of scholarships and financial aide for next year. It’s a wonderful wonderful school, but it is college and it is a private school at that. It equals up to maximum expenses and big loans (and even bigger debt). Paying a lot of money is expected, but I really would like to minimize expenses – or figure out how to suddenly get rich all of a sudden. I’ve been applying for scholarships, but no luck yet.

For those of you interested in scholarships, look at as many places as you can. They are all over the place… just a little difficult to obtain, though. Definitely check with your school for scholarships you can apply for through them. Other opportunities may include: military scholarships, Frame My Future Scholarship (deadline is March 5, people!), federal grants, Duct-Tape Prom (for you high school seniors out there), the Dr. Pepper Tuition contest (though, this has passed… Keep an eye out for it later on this year!), and way more. Like I said, look around. A site I’ve found extremely helpful is – they even offer some of their own scholarship contests.

If you have any advice for me on scholarships (or for others as well!) please comment below and share. I (and everyone else) will really appreciate you. I’ll even give you a virtual hug! Or, if you just want to comment on how amazing college is, that works too. I’d love to gush and ooh and ahh over your experiences! 🙂


A Week of Miracles Amidst Stacks of Homework

The beginning of this week was extremely stressful for me. It’s only the third week of classes, but homework is starting to pile up and I have my first two tests next week in Business Statistics and the Legal Environment of Business. I’m taking eighteen credit hours – a full course load that anybody would deem stressful. However, it really helps because I’m so interested in the classes that I am taking – five business and one english composition. The English class isn’t in my major, but, as you all know by now, I love to write. I wasn’t looking forward to the class when I was told I needed to take it, but I am glad I am now. I’m really wanting to refine my writing and try to finish Crescendo before the summer so that I can work on getting it published.

Another stress besides homework was this incident I had on Amazon. Now, I love the website and I will never speak wrong of it, but I purchased textbooks this semester from third-party sellers and had a terrible thing happen with the one person I wanted to return it to. I refused the package at home – never even touched it! – and the seller said that it had returned with a dress inside. A dress? I’m not even sure. I filed a claim, and it took about a week, but I finally received feedback today saying that my claim had been granted. I will be receiving my refund soon, which is money I need as a college student. Amazon was amazing in their help and I found their customer service really supportive. Like I said, I can’t speak wrong of Amazon because they are fantastic.

My other big news trickled down to me over the past two days. My roommate and I both applied to be Resident Assistants (RAs) next year. We were so happy to find out that we made it to the first round of interviews, which will last three hours tomorrow afternoon. I cannot wait! However, that is not the only interview I will be having this week. On Saturday, I am meeting with the founder of to interview for an internship I applied to. I was ecstatic when I found out. Needless to say, my stomach is turning into a pile of butterflies. I just need to take a deep breath, relax, and know that I will do the best that I can in both situations.

I also made the Dean’s List for the Fall Semester, which further provided excitement for me. Amidst the stress, all of these opportunities and knowledges have really made my week. I’m so blessed to be here in Austin and to be able to do what I am doing now. If I had to go back in time and make the choice over, I would not change my decision to come to St. Edward’s. It’s definitely been the greatest thing I could wish for.

So, my dear readers, what is something that has got you all bubbly or smiling? Even if there’s nothing big going on right now, remember that the little things count and that all good comes in time. I assure you, you will get your week of miracles – even if there’s a little bit of stress or tears in-between them. Keep your head high and you will definitely be on top of the world soon enough.

For those in school, good luck with the new semester. For everyone, good luck. You are amazing and I hope I can hear about some good things that have been happening to you.

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Please Don’t Hate Me

I would just like to take this moment to let you all know about the YouTube account that I have. I feel like I’m fishing for views, but I feel like I should advertise my videos on my blog as well. I mean, do people expect me not to do that? Don’t answer that question.

My vlog (“video blog”) is really pointless. I talk about a few things that are going on in my life and about things that I find interesting. I have two videos up, so far, of me singing. So, if you are interested, please take a look at my YouTube and tell me what you think! I would love for some feedback, so that I can make my vlog better. 🙂

Here’s the link:

So, what else is going on in my life? It’s dwindling down to the last two weeks of school. The semester has gone by so fast and I am really glad that I have been able to study here at St. Edward’s University. It is definitely the best thing that has happened to me. I’ve learned so much, made a lot of good friends, and been able to partake in amazing opportunities (I’m sure you’re thinking nobody uses the word ‘partake’? Well, I just did. 😉 )

I am not particularly stressed with finals. I have two exams this week for my French and Principle of Marketing classes. They are just normal exams. I have to turn in a final essay for American Dilemmas, cumulative test for Pre-Calculus (not my favorite class!), and a presentation for my Business Communications class. This semester we did a consulting project for the Career Services on campus and it is finally time to reveal the data and results to them. Oh, and I’ve got a party for a final in Omnisingers. That’ll be fun.

I think I’m the most concerned about American Dilemmas and speaking for the presentation in Business Communications. I have a feeling like I might be getting a B for Dilemmas. I am fine with B’s for sure, but I would just rather get A’s. I am sure there are a lot of people that have the same exact feelings when it comes to grades. The main reason for my concern with the presentation is because I get extremely nervous when I am in front of people. I don’t feel like I am a good speaker (and I’m not) and I hate my voice. These two thoughts just really make me feel bad about speaking in front of large groups. I have been in positions where I was needed to speak in front of audiences before, so I am sure that I will do okay. But that initial fear is not something that I am fond of.

Wednesday is my last “final”, or rather, it’s the day of the presentation. This is the last thing that I will have to do for the semester. That means I have to be out of my residence hall within 24 hours of the last exam. So, within a week and a half, I will be back home! I am really excited to be home for the winter break. It will be a nice, little vacation from school. However, I would really like to find a place to work over the break. I need to earning money for textbooks for next semester – because I found out that my textbooks are going to be extremely expensive. Big surprise, huh? (Hope you can read the sarcasm right there). I’d also like a job so I can start earning up money for loans and Christmas presents for others and for next semester and for life. Maybe I am dreaming too big, but a girl can wish, right?

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The Future – What I Plan To Do

It is scary to consider the fact that in a year and a half I will be graduating from college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. It seems so far away, but I know the time that it takes to reach that point in my life will fly by. I am finding it increasingly important to think about what I will do with this degree once I am out in the world.

It’s extremely hard to decide what one best thing that I will do. There are so many hobbies, important memories, and experiences that will lead me to the correct “career.” I would really like to work my way into the administration team of a large corporation and earn enough money to eventually one day start my own business. I know that my dream may seem a little big, but I find it is sometimes best to think big. If you don’t shoot for the stars, you won’t reach them.

In my mind, however, there is another thing that keeps coming back to me and that is: how am I going to give back to others? I know that it isn’t considered the “norm” for those in business to want to give. I think it’s a pretty bad stereotype. I’ve seen many people that do things that help individuals in their community. I want to make sure that whatever business I end up working for has a strong connection with the community – perhaps it donates some of their revenue to charities or goes out of its way to help the homeless. If I find that the organization that I work with does not have a way to help others, I think I might get involved. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is something that I really want to aid. In fact, I have plans for a service project in my upstart café that will help to donate money to this organization. I am still working on the idea, but I really think that it can be at least a little help.

Looking forward to the future both excites and scares me. I don’t know what to expect. There is a goal in mind, but I know that fate doesn’t always give you exactly what you want to. My dream is to create a café and bar establishment with my best friend. We want to attract a lot of different customers and give people a nice place to come to when they need to get away. It would be wonderful if this eventually happens. I think that would be the most pivotal point in my life.

And you, dear readers? What are your plans for the future?

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