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People Will Stare

people will strae.jpg

I posted this quote on my Instagram earlier this week and I just wanted to give it some extra attention just because it speaks to me so much. I feel that it holds truth no matter where you are at – school, business, fashion, book club, etc.

People are going to stare. Maybe not stare in the literal sense. But they will look at you and they will judge you.

Daunting words, I know, but unfortunately this is the way that our world has become.

Are you kind enough? Bold enough? Wearing nice clothes? A leader? Do you fit the societal standards that have been placed upon all of us?

There are several ways to respond to this. You can either relinquish a piece of yourself or you can be unabashed, stand tall, and make it worth their while.

If someone is going to stare, give them a reason to. Be proud of who you are. Show off your fun style, your confident and unique personality, and just be you. You are beautiful and the world deserves to know that.

So, dear readers, what I want you to take away from my blog post today is this: Go out into the world and show them all what makes you so great. And when the end of the day comes and they’re still staring, ask them this – Like what you see?

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Sparkling Dreams

There are so many.

One day I want to be a worldwide famous author, the next a fantastic event planner, and then the next just traveling the world for the rest of my life. And then directing films that I’ve written.

At least nobody can say that I have no ambition.

Dreams are so important to have, no matter how big or small. They really help create a person and define them, help provide a person with hope for the future and an idea of the path that they want to take in their life.

Unless you are like me and have a million dreams, then we can just be lost together.

Disney has a team of people called “Dream Makers” that help coordinate special events and giving gifts to people. They put smiles on people’s faces by ‘making dreams.’ What a great first step that would be!

I say first, because I wouldn’t just stop there. No, imagine planning huge events for the Disney theme parks or for the company itself. Glistening lights, melodious music, mouth-watering food, and the most splenderous decorations complete with Disney characters or important celebrities enjoying themselves.

Oh, great, I just thought how fun it’d be to help set up an award show.

Let’s stop here, before the dreams get out of hand.

Oops. Too late.

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After the Beginning

As I mentioned previously, I’ve gotten a new job! I just finished my second week there and I’m loving it so far. I’ve learned a lot and I honestly can’t wait to get started with the spring semester. I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy my time at St. Augustine.

So, I’ve made my beginning. Next is the middle of the journey, right?


I like to think of life as a trail of new beginnings, one right after the other. We are constantly changing, constantly coming upon new people, new experiences, new feelings, new dreams… The only thing that we can be sure of in life is change – and I’m sure you’ve all heard that before.

With this being said, you probably are wondering what my new beginnings are.

Volunteering. I filled out my application to volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and will be sending that out in the morning.

Graduate school. Yeah, I just got out. Maybe I should just relax and enjoy life. Please, that is not the way of the Britster. I strive for stress and education. I think i’ve been going a little crazy without having a full course-load of classes. Since the university I work for is owned by Laureate Education, I get a great discount on online courses through their system. I’m looking into Roehampton Online. Anybody that’s heard of it, do you have any advice or thoughts on the programme?

Potential part-time job. Nobody wants a part-time job and you can be sure that this is not where I stray from popular opinion. However, my goals and potential future living arrangements are probably going to require some extra income. Still, if I can get a job at a fun retail store (clothing, preferably) or in something that does event planning, I could definitely get some good experience.

So, yeah. That’s my life. Not fantastically amazing, but it’s getting there. I have big dreams and I’m going to make sure to reach them. It’ll just take some time.

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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I want to do something AMAZING.

As do we all. But, really, this feeling to do something spectacular just likes to take over me. I wish it would last forever, because it is a good feeling – as if I am flying and I can see everything from where I’m at.

My newest idea is to start a business. This is something I plan to seriously do in the future, but why should that prevent me from doing something now.

The perks of starting a business now:

  1. Experience. And I want experience. I need experience.
  2. Fun. Why should I not have fun with it?
  3. Extra money. I need money.

I’m young. Taking risks is something I’m expected to do. So why not meet expectations?

I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to do a joint business venture together and she’s all for it. I’m excited to get together with her and put our heads together to come up with something amazing.

I still have other plans and other ideas that consist of the following things:

  • YouTube channel – actually sticking with it
  • Mastering violin. Just need to practice.
  • Learning Japanese. And Korean.
  • Becoming fluent in French.
  • Getting an awesomesauce job (and I think I’ve found my new perfect one here)

The problem is that I have no time for all the dreams I have (unless someone wants to turn me into a vampire or otherwise immortal being that doesn’t decompose or get scary looking? That’d be perfect). But I’ll finish as much of them as I can.

So, my dearest readers, what say you? What are your plans and goals for life or for the near future? Feel free to comment below and share!

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One Month Down

And a lifetime to go.

I’ve been out of college for month. Granted, it’s only my undergraduate degree, but it still means a lot to me. When I get the actual piece of paper that credits my education, I can wave it around in peoples’ faces and say, “Lookie here, I went to school for four years and learned a lot.” I’m excited to do that.

What have I done in this one month of freedom?

Well, I went to work back at the theater for the present time frame. Just because I don’t have a permanent job doesn’t mean that I don’t have bills to pay. It’s nice being back – I kind of missed the hectic atmosphere of the weekends (even though I miss having my free weekends).

I’ve gone to several interviews, even one on my birthday. That one was my third time interviewing with Apple and I think I’m just waiting to hear back on whether or not I got the job. I had a phone interview this Monday for another position with the company Innealta and will be having a second interview tomorrow morning. This is for a Marketing and Sales Assistant position and it looks very promising – a lot of experience and administration skills to be learnt through it.

I got addicted to a fun Korean variety show called Roommate. It’s about eleven celebrities that have been thrown into the same house and are roommates. It’s very cute and fun to watch. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to wait a week between episodes to find out what happens next (as it would be with every great TV show I watch as it’s being aired).

My summer goals? Well, I tried to get a little tan one day. And I’ve written a teeny tiny little bit.

Actually, I’ve been pretty busy with work and am too exhausted to want to do anything in my free time. I’ll work on getting better and not procrastinating things I’ve set myself up to do. They’re my goals for a reason, right?

For now, I’m just waiting to see where my path takes me next. Which job will I get? When will I head back to Austin? When will I find true love?

Oh, wait. This post isn’t about true love.

In all seriousness, I do keep wondering what is going to happen next. It could be anything and that’s equally parts exhilarating and frightening.

No worries, though. No matter where my path takes me, I’ll make sure to let you know. It’s an adventure I want to share and that I hope you want to learn about.

What about you, dear reader? Where is your story taking you? Is the beginning of the summer taking you on amazing adventures or has this been a time for you to sit back and relax from the chaos that is called life?


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The Life of a Post-Grad



May 10, 2014. A date to remember. The day I walked across the stage at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas and graduated from St. Edward’s University. The day I officially entered the real world. 

College was an experience, full of highs and lows. Transferring to St. Edward’s University took my world and turned it upside down – in more ways than one.

I was able to make life-long friends, ones that I cannot ever live without (and I’m not sure how I survived this long without them). I met amazing people, worked with the most fantastic mentor, and got to work several jobs (three at one time!).

I traveled to Japan, opened myself up to eating new foods, and went to a theme park themed for Hello Kitty and friends (Sanrio, really, but they’re one and the same to me).

I got to see my absolutely favorite band (Icon For Hire, I’m talking about you) and saw my first kpop group live in Dallas (and one of them told me my dress was pretty). One of my new friends grew my addiction to kpop. 

I also learned that things don’t last forever, that friendships fade and people aren’t always who you think they are. That people leave this world for another and just when your heart is on the verge of crumbling away into nothing, things do get better. That when you have a pet, you have to eventually say goodbye and it hurts like nothing else in the world. 

I learned to love myself, to tell myself that I am perfect the way that I am. And when you have been telling yourself that you aren’t good enough for a while, it means so much more when you can finally look at yourself and say “I’m wonderful.” 

Some things didn’t change: my love for all things Disney and giraffes, my urge to always eat Chinese food, my adoration for fashion and good clothing, my want to travel the world… 

College. It’s a four-year experience. And despite all of the homework and stress and craziness, there’s a lot of good. I’m a better person because of the experiences I went through and the people I met. And I hope to convey that to whoever hires me in the future. As I continue searching for jobs (while heading back to the theater for the summer), I’ll remember everything that I’ve learned. 

Hard work. Dedication. Respect. Fun. And the importance of never giving up. 

Because I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. And I will. I’ll do everything I can. 

I’m gonna go places and I’ll write down every step of the way. It may take a while and it may not be exactly what I want it to be, but good things are coming. I know I can handle the bad, so I just need to keep my eye on the rainbow and enjoy the journey. 

You, too. Sometimes the rain may pour down and you might be beaten down by hail, but stand tall and keep on going. It’ll get better. There’s good coming for you. Enjoy college. Remember everything you learn (though, I don’t expect you to remember all your classroom material; I know I don’t) and go places. I know you can.

And I know you will. 

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A Very Happy New Year to You!

Belated, apologize, but I hope that you will take my sincere wishes that you have a spectacular New Year!

2014. Whoa. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the years seem to start passing in a blur as you grow older. Like, I know that a lot of things happened last year, but it happened much more quickly than I would have thought.

What did 2013 mark for me? I’ll make a list:

  • A year of (mostly) positive thoughts
  • My first trip overseas (that I’ll count)
  • Japan
  • New friendships
  • Multiple jobs (and really great ones)
  • Admission into Alpha Chi Honor Society
  • Hunter Hayes concert
  • and more…

Don’t get me wrong, there were negatives to the year. I sorta lost touch with the person I used to never be apart from and my great grandmother passed away mid-December. That was the hardest thing and it still hurts to think that she is gone, but I know that she is in a better place and doing well.

I think that’s the thing about any new year that you enter. You’re going to deal with the bad. And they may seem overwhelming and weigh down on you to a point that you grow insane. Just know that things will get better and that there is good. Life is good. Plus, there’s always next year. Each year is like it’s own little adventure. Once you finish this one, it’s on to the next!

Any thoughts that you want to share? Any hopes for 2014?


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

I honestly have no idea who that quote is by, but I probably should. That quote is my whole life. Honestly, it’s so easy to sit around and just say, fate will bring my destiny to me. I don’t have to do anything. That’s such a lie. You have to do things. If you just sit around, you won’t ever become the best you that you can possibly be. In fact, if you sit around waiting to be found, you’re sort of like a couch potato. Nobody wants to be a potato for life… or at least I hope they don’t.

So, how do you create yourself? Reach for every opportunity that comes your way. That job you want to apply for? Do it. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get the job. I mean, you wouldn’t have gotten it if hadn’t applied anyways. That boy you want to go out with? Don’t wait for him to say something. Make your way up the ladder that is your life, finding the most amazing chances that you can. You can be something amazing, but you have to put a little bit of effort into it.

It’s so easy to be bitten by the bug of self-doubt. I’ve been bitten by it plenty of times; in fact, I probably spend most of my time doubting myself. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this well. They don’t need my help; I’m sure they want someone who would actually do this correctly. I’ll just mess it up. Do I let that stop me? NO. Yeah, I’ll get bothered by it and spend the whole time worrying. But I’m going to do my best and try to be something. 

Keep your goals in mind. Don’t just reach for the stars. Maneuver through the gaps between them and reach for something much, much bigger. The whole universe is out there. Go make it yours.

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The Past, the Present, and the Future – Where do they lead us?

My blog has been lacking lately, and I apologize.

Now, to the point of this post.

I hate to say this, mostly because tend to praise every little thing that makes a person unique and different, but we’re not all different. Completely different, at least. There are quirks, personality differences, that makes us all beautifully us. I mean, if you want to completely describe a person, it would be hard to find someone that is exactly the same. Maybe similar, but not the same.

What goes against all of this, though, is the wondering thoughts that fill our heads. I’m sure there are people out there who have an idea of what they want to do, but there is always going to be one large question hanging out there. What am I meant to do? Am I where I am supposed to be?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not a question on everyone’s mind. But it is something that is definitely in the front of my thoughts. It’s unwavering. It’s constant. It’s piercing.

I hate how I wait for a sign. This is it, I want to think. This sign will tell me what I need to do. Confirm my presence and my destiny.

But there’s not going to be sign that confirms my future. I can’t wait around for a sign. I am my own sign, my own destiny. Only I can determine where I am going to go – and of course there is going to be confusion. I’m a girl of many emotions and interests and thoughts and desires. And there’s definitely no one right answer. No right path to where I need to end up at. Because the truth is that there are probably tens or hundreds or thousands of paths that I could take and all of them would be correct.

Unless it involves murder or theft or any criminal acts, but those aren’t something that I would do.

Happiness is what I am aiming for, not just as an ends goal but as my companion along the way. If you spend too much time focusing on the future and worrying about would could or will be, you lose sight of what is happening now. That’s not good to do, because it would be sad to look back on your life and not see it as memorable.

I’ve had a lot of happy moments. I’ve had some sad ones too. They’ve all made me who I am today. I’ll have new moments that make me who I am tomorrow. I’m still going to worry about the future – that’s always going to be a part of me. But I think I am going to focus less on milling around for an answer to questions that just won’t be answered by the air in front of me. I’m going to focus on doing what I need to do to get somewhere in life. I want to be someone. I want to be successful and wonderful and happy. That’s my goal. Successful doesn’t have to be rich; I just want to be following my dreams and helping others along the way. I’m not going to ask “It could happen, right?” My future isn’t a question. It’s going to happen. And it’s going to be great.

Yours will, too. Don’t worry about what will. Do what you want. Follow your dreams. Make your life worth living – though, all lives are worth living. You are worth a life of wonder and adventure and happiness. And you will get that. I believe it.

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I Am An Adventurer By Fate

Or at least I would like to be.

Life is full of adventures. Little ones. Big ones. In-between ones. I’ve come to realize that life as a whole is an adventure, even if it’s not as grand as the ones you read about in storybooks or see in the big action films full of giant explosions and hot men. There are adventures in the littlest of things – going on a walk, talking to the person standing next to you in the elevator, going to the event that you didn’t really want to go to at first… It’s amazing the new things that you can learn and experience, the great people you will meet, and the fun you will have. All it really takes is the first step – doing something more than sitting in your room.

Eeks! I have to leave my room? Yes. I’m sorry. I find myself enjoying just sitting in my room at times as well. It’s relaxing and, really, away from all the people in the world. Even if I love them all, it’s great to just sit in my room and be on my computer. Is it lazy? Yes. But I will admit that a lot of my homework involves using my computer as well, so there.

Anyway, it’s really good to go out and do things. Explore. Meet new people. Get involved. You’ll really have fun if you take the chance!

Saturday was an adventure for me. My parents came into town and brought me some paperwork for my taxes – plus a full-length mirror that my roomie and I have been dying to use. They wanted to hang out, so they took Ashley and me to Barton Creek Mall and we had a blast! My parents bought me two Hello Kitty t-shirts from Forever 21 – and let me tell you, I am way too excited to wear them! Ashley and I got friendship necklaces for us and then for us and Sarah (her roomie from last year). The necklaces we got? The one for Ashley and I is a heart that reads “Partners In Crime”. I got the part that reads “Part I Cri.” I guess I am supposed to cry for this half? The necklaces that we got to go with Sarah are chains with rings that have “Best Friends Forever” written on them. Super adorable!

Shortly after my parents dropped us back off at St. Edward’s, Ashley and I got ready for a room mate date night we had been planning for weeks. We grabbed Sarah (remember, the roomie from last year?) and went away to Chili’s. The waiter was amazing. I swear, the best experience I’ve ever had a restaurant. He kept making sure our drinks were completely filled and was really nice. When he heard that we were having a “Room Mate Night” he brought us free chips and salsa. Aaaand, we also got a free dessert at the end of the meal. Needless to say, he got a really good tip and a note from us saying how awesome he was.

I also got to learn a little bit more about the internship I have. There is a content creating party on Thursday, so I am going to try to escape there after I get out of my 5:00 PM class. I’m really excited to meet the rest of the team! I want to try to work on blogs specifically for that this week, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

Anyway, Saturday was great. A real adventure, even though there wasn’t any kidnapping that led to a rescue by a hot guy and a discovery of kick-butt magic powers. We’ll save that for next time, though, because I am expecting it to happen some time. It will, won’t it?