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Please Don’t Hate Me

I would just like to take this moment to let you all know about the YouTube account that I have. I feel like I’m fishing for views, but I feel like I should advertise my videos on my blog as well. I mean, do people expect me not to do that? Don’t answer that question.

My vlog (“video blog”) is really pointless. I talk about a few things that are going on in my life and about things that I find interesting. I have two videos up, so far, of me singing. So, if you are interested, please take a look at my YouTube and tell me what you think! I would love for some feedback, so that I can make my vlog better. 🙂

Here’s the link:

So, what else is going on in my life? It’s dwindling down to the last two weeks of school. The semester has gone by so fast and I am really glad that I have been able to study here at St. Edward’s University. It is definitely the best thing that has happened to me. I’ve learned so much, made a lot of good friends, and been able to partake in amazing opportunities (I’m sure you’re thinking nobody uses the word ‘partake’? Well, I just did. 😉 )

I am not particularly stressed with finals. I have two exams this week for my French and Principle of Marketing classes. They are just normal exams. I have to turn in a final essay for American Dilemmas, cumulative test for Pre-Calculus (not my favorite class!), and a presentation for my Business Communications class. This semester we did a consulting project for the Career Services on campus and it is finally time to reveal the data and results to them. Oh, and I’ve got a party for a final in Omnisingers. That’ll be fun.

I think I’m the most concerned about American Dilemmas and speaking for the presentation in Business Communications. I have a feeling like I might be getting a B for Dilemmas. I am fine with B’s for sure, but I would just rather get A’s. I am sure there are a lot of people that have the same exact feelings when it comes to grades. The main reason for my concern with the presentation is because I get extremely nervous when I am in front of people. I don’t feel like I am a good speaker (and I’m not) and I hate my voice. These two thoughts just really make me feel bad about speaking in front of large groups. I have been in positions where I was needed to speak in front of audiences before, so I am sure that I will do okay. But that initial fear is not something that I am fond of.

Wednesday is my last “final”, or rather, it’s the day of the presentation. This is the last thing that I will have to do for the semester. That means I have to be out of my residence hall within 24 hours of the last exam. So, within a week and a half, I will be back home! I am really excited to be home for the winter break. It will be a nice, little vacation from school. However, I would really like to find a place to work over the break. I need to earning money for textbooks for next semester – because I found out that my textbooks are going to be extremely expensive. Big surprise, huh? (Hope you can read the sarcasm right there). I’d also like a job so I can start earning up money for loans and Christmas presents for others and for next semester and for life. Maybe I am dreaming too big, but a girl can wish, right?

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Another Step Closer

The trip to Japan is seeming so much more real as time goes on. It is almost to the end of the semester and on to the next one. In no time at all, it will be Spring Break and I will be boarding that plane to that foreign land.

Today marks another step taken toward boarding that plane. I turned in my application and other documents to get my passport. Needless to say, it will take four to six weeks to get the passport back, but I will have it well in advance to my trip. I was pleasantly surprised that my picture for it came out okay. I’m used to my photos for special identification matters coming out kinda not good.

First things first, though, and that entails Christmas Break coming up soon. It will be nice to have a mini-vacay and stay at home for a month. I am thinking a holiday job, but we’ll just have to see how that goes. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter season!!!

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